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Dissolution of Eternity - Weapons Pack + PlasmaGun Fix

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  • Dissolution of Eternity - Weapons Pack + PlasmaGun Fix

    Weapons Pack updated again - Includes all the previous content but now the Grappling Hook is included - with hook and rope replacements too.

    ***Download Here***


    ===OLDER NEWS===

    ***UPDATED Version 3 (Likely Final)****
    Took version 3 of the progs.dat and it's now included. This fixes the gun not firing in Darkplaces, gives it animation when fired and (thanks to Seven) fixes the position the projectile comes from.
    This also comes with a Plasma projectile. It's in a separate pk3, so if you don't like it - simply delete it.

    ***UPDATED Version 2***
    This ONLY updates the progs.dat - which now add animation to the Plasmagun. If you already have the pack, you can either download this full version again or just download the updated progs.dat which also got a separate release found here:
    Click me
    ***End Updated News***

    If you've downloaded my MultiGrenade Launcher or MultiRocket Launcher in the previous releases. Delete them. They have been updated are are included in this pack. The need for the *namehere*.framegroups file has been removed.
    The Super LavaNailgun is a different model than the one previously released. It uses the same model as the one in Rygels pack which is the most commonly used model.
    This includes the unreleased Lava Nailgun.

    Along with the pack in the zip is a optional addon:
    *Lava Nail Smoke - Just add's the HellKnights projectile trail to the lava nail. Causes FPS hit, but looks great if you use Seven's effectinfo.txt

    Credits go out to Ruohis. ALL of the weapon models are his work (I did modify his Grenade Launcher heavily though). I simply edited the skin. The Multi-Rocket - I do not know who originally did the rocket. I simply split it into 4 and modeled in the middle and did textures. The Multi-Grenade is my model. Found out the (unedited by me) multi-rocket was included in Plagues pack. So credits go out to him.

    The has the PlasmaGun not firing issue fixed. NEEDED for Darkplaces users. Optional edit for other engines - it does fix the lack of fire animation issue, so if used on another engine it will fig the weapon a fire animation.

    Posted this on the Steam forums, hopefully that also brings in more traffic here
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    A possible addon that I may do - the Grappling Hook. People don't play this online for CTF it seems (have yet to ever see a server), so it's very low priority. I will eventually do it though if requested (can also be used to replace 3wave ctf morning star grappling hook)


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      your mission pack is first rate ooppee...nice work.
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        great pack ooppee. i like it:


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          Seanstar nice job on the reskins. One suggestion though - when doing the normal map remove the hazard stripes and use the normal made from that. Yours currently has the black bars make the model appear like the there's chunks taken out of the model (where the black stripes are) and then the yellow looks very elevated.
          Doing what I said above will make it look like it's painted on.
          Should put some screenshots of them up too.

          Also would anyone get use out of me redoing the Grappling Hook? It was the only weapon I didn't do as it was only used for CTF. I've considered doing it for people to use a universal grappling hook. If you view the pak file - they included 3waves CTF V_star.mdl which obviously wasn't used as they made their own custom.


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            It is good to see that so many talented people are using this lava texture.
            I dont know how long I searched the web for it.
            It was one of over 30 lava textures I found.
            Due to my poor photopaint skills, it took me several hours to get the engraved look as it actually has LOL.
            It really fits the Lava guns perfectly.

            Hope to see more variations coming.
            The lava guns are my favorite weapons in Quake.
            The "tschhhh" sound alone, when the lava-spike hits a wall, is amazing.

            Keep them coming guys.

            Kind Regards,


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              lol yeah it seems like your lava texture and my lava glow texture are pretty popular


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                Found out where I got the unedited Rocket. It was in Plagues pack - again - I just simply split the model into 4 pieces and modeled in the middle. So credits go out to him for the original model that I heavily edited.


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                  hey ooppee

                  your rocket model is a perfect fit for the original...i love it.

                  you redoing the Grappling Hook? awesome idea.

                  the plasma gun has no running fire there a way to get the plasma gun to kick?


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                    Sadly no, if you look at the model in a md3 viewer - it has a animation. However for whatever reason it isn't used (even the original model has animation but I've never seen it used?). Although I think it's a glitch in Darkplaces as the Thunderbolt has no real animation ingame either (which the model does)
                    DoE just seems to of had lazy people. The code for the PlasmaGun was poorly coded (ended up making a value of 0.*many decimal places*), the Multi-Grenade uses the same model for the clusters which are EXACTLY the same size and no animation code for the PlasmaGun also.
                    I am planning on doing a updated progs.dat for people to use which will include:
                    The fix of firing
                    Add in the use of the firing animation
                    Add a "child grenade" to the Cluster Grenade.

                    EDIT: Yeah after testing the PlasmaGun in other engines - the animation of firing isn't used. So it would require a QC edit to have one
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                      For the Grappling Hook - strong debate for me on which to make - the "classic" 3Wave version (Morning Star style) or the MP2 design.
                      I don't want to do both for such a little thing.
                      Morning Star version would be great as it's the most recognizable Grappling Hook for Q1.
                      MP2's version is more "realistic" and keeps the faithful look in the sense of the original.
                      Well I may do the classic just to keep faithful appearance - then do the "Morning Star" after as that will honestly be a simple model (use the Axe as a base and just model the ball part)


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                        hey seanstar, I think your super-lava-nail textures refer to the previous model release by oopppee. His latest version uses a different model (the same as rygel's) and the textures dont fit properly. I really like your lava textures, could you possibly make one for the new model as well?


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                          Yeah that is the case. Your SuperNailgun skin should be posted in my previous release - it's invalid for this due to a different model being used.
                          I chose to use Ruohis' model from Rygels pack to match it - as the weapon storyline wise are the same gun - just has lava nails loaded instead of normal. So made the barrels glow due to the intense heat.


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                            Pack has been updated to include the updated progs.dat
                            So now the Plasmagun will indeed animate when fired. Normally it sat there idle.

                            Don't forget about the Mission Pack 1 Weapons Pack:


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                              Seven informed me of a postioning bug in the progs.dat (and was present in the original too). I have updated it with Seven's fix. However the full pack doesn't presently use include it. So please download the updated stand-alone fix: