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  • Improved sound files

    Dear all,

    Our new member keropi asked me to release my sound files for Quake.
    He liked some of them, because they are different from original.

    I never thought much about sound files, cause I use them unchanged since many years.
    But why not. Maybe for someone they will be useful.

    First of all, they are not all custom/modified.
    When I tested the sound files one by one some years back, I put my attention to them beeing faithful.
    Most of the new ones simply have more POWER (in the meaning of wider frequence (44.1KHz 16bit) usage = more bass and clearer high tones).
    So if you use an amplifier or something similar attached to your computer, you will benefit MUCH from them.
    It is a much more intense feeling.

    Good examples:
    airdoor1.wav or meduse.wav (both in "doors" folder) or menu1.wav (in "misc").
    (if you compare them, you will know what I mean)

    I justed double-checked where these custom files are from and found it.
    All credits go to them of course:
    - mindgrid-audio_quake_2003.09.22
    - Higher Frequency Quake wavs (All 44KHz) 31/03/04
    - various Quake mods
    - Hexen 1
    - Heretic 1

    If you know me long enough, you know that I cannot be without Special gimmicks:
    - The "hit.wav" sound for the knight + Hellknight. Both have a steal armor right ?
    So why not let it be hearable, that the armnor is made of steal (try to shoot ´em)...
    - Take the Quaddamage, Ring of invisibility or the 666 rune and listen...
    - I like the biosuit sound "suit.wav" (in items folder) very much
    - shamblers attack is now as it should be: more frightening
    - The awakening of chton...
    Dont worry; if you dont like one, simply delete the file (the original sound will then be used automatically).

    Some sounds I didnt touch, cause the new ones sounded all too different to original Quake:
    Mostly weapon sounds. They are original except the grenade launching sound, which has more power.

    For DarkPlaces (or other .pk3 supporting engines):
    Put the .pk3 file into your ID1 folder
    For other engines (with external file support):
    Extract the "sound" folder into your engines folder (or see your engines manual for information)


    Kind regards,
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    thanks for the sound files! they are awesome!
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      I'll try them, thanks Seven and keropi!
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        @Seven, you should download a copy of QTest, it has the sounds used in retail Quake but in high quality. For example the weapon sounds in my mod are from QTest (for the QTest weapons). So pull out the GL fire it, then do the same with the QTest GL. Maybe use the QTest sounds as replacements for sounds this pack doesn't replace?


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          Where can I get a Qtest copy OoPpEe?
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            I believe there's a copy in the files section here on Quake One. If not, I will get you a link when I am on my main PC.
            QTest must be played in DosBox however, unless you have a old PC kicking around.


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              Actually, I don't have, but I was asking you just for the high quality sounds you mentioned..
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                Originally posted by daniocampo1992 View Post
                I'll try them, thanks Seven and keropi!
                me? I did nothing really... all the real work was done by Seven, I was just impressed from the sound of hitting knights

                As I said, the knight_hit sound is awesome and I really like the biosuit sound with the zipper sound...
                What I don't like much is the voices on bonuses like quad-damage, I will replace them with the normal sounds... no speech in Quake, only growls
                In time, Fire will fade ... and only Dark will remain


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                  OoPpEe and daniocampo,

                  I know about the Qtest sounds.
                  Yes, they are higher quality compared to retail Quake,
                  but the sound I implemented are even "better" than Qtest.

                  Please read the info, that was included in the pack I used:
                  ...paks contains certain HIGHER DEFINITION wavs (some at 22KHz, some at 44KHz and some at 16bit definition) from the Quake1 test released by Id months before the demo and final version of the game appeared - i have resampled all of them to run at 44.1KHz.
                  The QTest sounds are mentioned/implemented and even improved.
                  (as far as the readme tells)

                  Unfortunately there is no author name mentioned, thats why I could only credit the pack itself in my 1st post.



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                    I've tried a "mix of sounds" using the one provided by Seven and Mindgrid audioquake, and the result is so good for me that i use this setup when I play quake. Very thanks Seven for your soundpack, I love especially the pentagram sound (that's Diablo laugh when you insert the play disc) and quad damage/invisibility


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                      while searching for new sounds for another project, I found 2 improved sounds for the enforcer.

                      Kind regards,
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