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  • "Effect Enabled" Powerups

    Basically these are my favorite powerup models I found for id1. When messing around with "flags" on the model, I slapped on some other flags on them aside from #8 (to make them spin).

    The result was getting nice glows around the model. So now in maps where the Quad didn't give a glow, you now get a nice purple glow. The Ring of Shadows gives a yellow glow. The Pent also gives off a yellow glow and is on fire (in DP only). The Biosuit - I gave a little green glow.
    Sadly these were the only colors I could give them as these effects are presets and used for other projectiles.
    The yellow glows are - Rocket or Death Knight projectile effect
    Green - is Scrag's effect
    Purple - Vore's effect.

    I also did my Mission Pack weapons too, but further testing needs to be done.
    Also if you use cl_itembobheight - set it back at 0 for best effect. Once the models start to move, you will end up seeing smoke ect come from the Ring and all. So 0 is the best option.

    I sadly don't know the original author of the Pent/Ring/Quad but I know Ruohis did the Biosuit.

    The Pent/Quad/Ring did not have any normal or gloss maps. Those were done by me.
    The ring was also completely reskinned to a very generic texture (basically I just motion blurred the texture). The gloss look should be done by the gloss texture - not the diffuse as it was before.
    The Biosuit I removed the glow texture, made my own luma and made own gloss.


    extract to mod folder (id1/hipnotic/rogue)

    Here's my SoA Powerups with the same effects.
    Horn + Empathy Shield have the Death Knight effect on them, gives off a subtle orange glow.
    Wetsuit has a green glow.

    Here's my DoE Powerups with the same effects.
    Vengeance Sphere has Deathknight effect, as does the power shield. The Gravity belt uses the Scrag (green glow)

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    Thank you OoPpEe!! This is GREAT!!!!
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      Nice effects OoPpEe..Thanks!


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        These are really nice OoPpEe! Thanks for them, your work is excellent as usual.
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          SoA powerups done. See first post.


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            yay \o/
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              Hello OoPpEe,

              First of all, Thank you for your contribution.

              Your biosuit model is not set correctly. The texture has the wrong name. And there is no scrag flag set to it.

              Furthermore I´d like to say:
              Be careful when you describe effects, that are not part of LordHavoc´s DarkPlaces.

              When you use DarkPlaces as it comes, you will see:
              - pent: has a very harsh burning effect around it. Impossible to see the pent anmyore.
              - ring: no change to regular ring (no effect)
              - biosuit: no change to regular suit (no effect)
              - quaddamage: this is the only one with your nice described effect

              All the effects, that you describe and show, are handmade custom effects.
              And the smoke on the bobing powerups ?
              DarkPlaces has no smoke. It is part of the custom effects.
              As well as:
              - the orange glow on the ring
              - the subtle fire in the pent
              - the biosuit is not working yet (no text and no glow)
              You only see these when you use a effectinfo.txt.
              So you should at least point this out in your description/readme.

              I sometimes make the same mistake, because of the many different content in my ID1 folder.
              It is hard to say which ones are in original DP and which ones doesnt.
              So you should test them in fresh Quake.

              Now that there are more effectinfo´s to choose from at quakeone,
              people will get a totally different visual when using your powerups:
              When using the original effectinfo.txt from dpmod, only difference to using none is the pent, which doesnt have the harsh fire around it.
              Using Seanstar´s (Nexuiz) effectinfo.txt will have no ring glow, a blending blue quad and a lot smoke with large flames on the pent.
              (I cannot say anything about the suit, cause it seems to have wrong/no flag yet. Tried in E1M4).

              Your idea is of course very good to bring effects to models.
              The problem is, that it will not work out of the box and has a major influence which custom handmade effects you use.

              Best wishes,


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                You are correct on the Biosuit - link fixed.
                I've also attached the effectinfo I used (yours) as a separate download for those to use with.

                For those who downloaded the id1 powerups - redownload.


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                  Nice work dude! But could you add the effect on the Quad we made? I'll aprecciate that..
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                    i like this idea ooppee

                    ive been working on this quad with two came out close to what im looking for.

                    here is a also using the vore trail effect, but ive changed the color setting a little.

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                      DoE powerups uploaded with preview and all


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                        Very nice, now got them for everything =]
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                          Rocket Launcher
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                            Original - Team Fortress Wiki


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                              OoppEe I love you =)
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