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View-weapons moved to the right side

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  • View-weapons moved to the right side

    This mod is engine independent.


    This is a simple Quake 1 mod that moves the view_weapons to the right side (like in Quake 2 for example).
    I did it some time ago, but never thought about releasing it, because it is simple and unspectacular. Now that some people asked for it, I want to put it here. Maybe someone find it uselful... it would be a pity to let it rot on the hdd.

    Nothing else is changed. Rest is vanilla Quake.
    I included the source code, if someone is interested.

    The original id view_weapon_models have been moved to the right by Tomaz.
    Optional, faithful High Res textures made by Moon[Drunk] and Primevil.
    I only had to modify some of them to match the models (because muzzle was removed).

    I edited the QC code of all projectile spawning points to match the new "weapon mouth" positions.
    Also Lightning from Lightning gun is moved (see below information for more details !)

    This mod is tested with Darkplaces, FTE, Qrack, DirectQ and Quakespasm (but it should work in all Q1 engines).

    If you want to use the High Res textures:
    Be aware that they have individual naming conventions in all Quake engines (there is no naming standard).
    So please read your engines description how to name them and in which subfolder (or .pak) to place them !

    Lightning gun lightning:
    Some engines have an internal cvar that corrects the spawning of the original lightning !
    You have to disable this cvar to be able to move the lightning to the right side (which is done via QC in this mod).
    Example for Darkplaces engine:
    cl_beams_quakepositionhack 0
    (it can be found in the ingame-options: options / customize effects / waist-level lightning )

    Kind regards,


    2018.08.11 Update v2:
    Extended mod to also work with Mission pack 1 (Hipnotic) and Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)

    Screenshots that show you what to expect (without necessity of downloading and testing it):





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    Hi Seven,
    I get a error message

    Download permission denied by uploader.


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      Thank you for your note webangel.

      Rapidshare isnt what is it once was anymore...
      Now it works again.

      Your friend,


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        Thanks Seven!


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          Since Seven is retired, can someone add this as a cvar to his Small Mod Compilation? =]
          Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


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            Update v2 on request:
            Extended mod to also work with Mission pack 1 (Hipnotic) and Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)


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              Nice work Seven. Well done sir!
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