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  • Ogre Model Replacement

    Tea Monster's Ogre Replacement

    High Poly Ogre Model with all the trimmings for Dark Places
    Here is a replacement Ogre model for Dark Places.
    It includes normal, gloss and luma maps.

    Model and Skins by Tea Monster.

    With Ruohis's Grenade Launcher
    From a request by OoPpEe, here is a version of the Ogre with Ruohis' Grenade Launcher. Model and skins for the grenade launcher in this version by Ruohis.

    Low Poly Version for other (non DP) Quake Engines
    This version is just over 1.1K for the Ogre, which should make him more palatable for slower systems or torture testing. The model is in actual Quake Mdl format with pcx graphics. Xolve has kindly repackaged it to fix a possible problem with skin loading on some ports.

    Source Blend File
    Here is the source file in .blend format with TGA textures.

    Many thanks to all the people of the community who helped improve him along the way.
    This was my first Quake model and they gave a lot of help in getting me up to speed and general improvements on the Ogre himself.

    You can check out the dev thread here.

    Just place the PK3 into your ID1 folder.

    Some license info.
    This model is issued under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

    1. I do not mind this being repackaged in other model packs, just give credit and state how my contribution is licensed.
    2. If you want to re-skin it, go ahead, but state what you have done, and again, give me credit for what is mine.
    3. No commercial use whatsoever.
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    My Avatars!
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    Quake 1.5!!!
    Definitive HD Quake


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      Really nice, I am using this model. Thanks tea monster for your huge effort-- it really shows.

      I opened up photoshop and gave the luma map red eyes, looks nice.
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        Great. Thank you TeaMonster!


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          That's epic, man! You are very talented. Can you remake the Ranger next? Or here is a thought! Dark Knight has a whole damn epic saga with some new characters. How cool would it be for you to start bringing that to life?

          There are shadow monsters, a few new elder gods, Protos... all kinds of stuff to work with. If you start now, you may actually finish before DK ends the damn thing.


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            Congratulation Tea Monster, you did a great job. The Ogre retains the classic Quake feel which is very important to me.
            And yet again just when you try to achieve a very little thing comparing to what you have accomplished here, you can really understand what a great work you've done

            Thanks again!


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              superb work teamonster. said it often before, but cant say it enough...

              totally love your hi-poly ogre model

              thanx so much for this amazing replacement model teamonster, i looove it <3

              and i hope you'll be making more monsters
              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                Thank you! Excellent work!


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                  Hello Tea Monster,

                  I am happy to see your first "Quake" release.
                  May this be the beginning of a long friendship between you and Quake

                  Quake is not Duke, as you know, and it misses the cool "words/slogans".
                  But it has other good advantages, believe me

                  Keep on walking your path...


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                    Quake is not Duke...
                    Dammm, that ogre's looking good
                    Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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                      This ogre is too awesome! After great work in Duke and Doom, now Quake! Tea Monster you are a hero!


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                        This model looks great...I was worried the animation would be clunky, but the animation looks good, nice job




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                          Now that is an Ogre!
                          I think it's SWELL.
                          May be too intense for some viewers.
                          Stress Relief Device
                          ....BANG HEAD HERE....


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                            Awaiting the alternate version with the GL I sent you


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                              Thank you for this brutal bastard Tea Monster !!