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DoE plasma gun bug help

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  • DoE plasma gun bug help

    Hi, I'm new to this site.This month I downloaded Darkplaces mod to play quake and both mission packs. But I am having problems with the plasma gun that it stops in mid air when fired. I found the bug fix downloads but nothing is working. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I need help on this. However I need EXACT steps on hoe to do it.

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    You found OoPpEes/LambentHammerBursts bugfix?
    Copy the progs.dat (included in the zip) to your rogue folder and it should work.

    Please start Mission Pack 2 with:
    "EngineOfChoise" -rogue

    NOT -game and without the quotes.

    Or you can try Sevens wonderfull SMC!
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      To webangel

      Yes I did. In fact I downloaded the version fixes and dropped them to my ROGUE folder as directed, but still some problems. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong. Does it work with any Darkplaces engine builds, because I'm using the 2013 build.

      However I will first try what you informed, you may wait if you like. I don't like bothering people because I'm an nice guy.


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        Yes that should work.
        You have extracted the progs.dat?

        Please try the smc link!


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          To webangel

          It works! Thanks. What I did wrong that I dropped the fix folder insted of the progs.dat which explains alot. Tell seven and LHB that they did a good job.

          Also they did interesting skins for the game, but I like the original look better. But still some good work they did.

          First I've been wanting the quake game for my own, but no luck. But, long story short, I do now.

          -again thanks.


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            -- great!