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  • Seismic seeks talent.

    Seismic title was only used to retain uniform discussions. I guess you can consider this ground zero.

    skills needed

    -someone well versed in HP Lovecraft works and/or is a writer possibly
    (this could translate to someone who could tie this project into where Q1 left off,without actually alluding to Quake1 blatantly. Shub Niggurath is apparently been used many places, it's a elder god in HP,its a boss in Q1,and its a metal band. Fairuse or something is happening?)

    -someone with imagination, You find yourself in E1M1 <---- this (they would have to work with a well versed HP Lovecraft badass to give us something to have a working project for what single player could be.

    !I stopped thinking about multiplayer because of a newcomers post about being sad. I even think my initial reaction was 'you greedy fn' with other colorful thoughts, but I'm human and I figured I could share that with you.

    So I figured what's the mixture for a good storyline? Talent OOZES out of these forums, talents arrives at the same pace it oozes out of the forum which right now, factoring the signup rate of talent + the existing pool of talent, I do not see why anyone or everyone couldn't pitch in together and put aside their differences of opinions and just toss them in the hat, once the hats sufficiently full each pulled hat item is hammered on by anyone who can produce for that particular opinion. once satisfaction by the opinion holder is met sufficiently and that project is moving along fluidly or even done, pull the next opinion.

    This community = the project. That's been my vision of ages now, ask r00k. ask him in PM he'll attest to that shit, I've uttered it enough times I'm sure other multiplayer Quakers can agree I'm tired of waiting on the next evolution in our 'world' which is every site some ones paying for, we could be epic. It could spawn an entire next-level-event. The talent here is fucking phenomenal, and I'm like what can I do to get everyone to pitch in @ one effort for the bettering of 'our verse,our place,our world. should we continues to cling to mother Id softwares tit forever?'

    Multiplayer quake is a untapped source of attention. Everyone of your efforts producing content could spotlight you for people asking 'what will you do next?' and if you do right by this community and are able to attract new players with new concept using new stuff's, it could be the launching platform for a job offer,offer to buy the game,anything's possible when you rock the boat enough people see you doing it ,especially when someone like me makes it a point to tell Pappy over @ Planetquake of tournaments that have liqour basket prizes (Tourney never happened,I cant remember why).

    when Planetnine/Disco Rockstar held a tournament with a cash prize awhile back, the signups from the multiplayer crowd was all you seen.

    whether singleplayer enthusiasts would want to admit it or not, multiplayer quake is your creation. we started at the same place but we migrated to where the experience was forever non static rail-shooter style gaming.

    Well, I think multiplayer quake can't happen easily without also having a singleplayer backbone. If Q1 singleplayer never happened a huge chunk of its past to present players never would have even played multiplayer. Q1 singleplayer was the rage at first, the actual game that had a story. challenge seeking players will spawn again just like any other newer title that just plops itself in rotation. Prototype is an example.

    All the niche groups of talent here and all I've done was bitch and whine about it to r00k occasionally. Some times bitch about how multiplayer is dwindling or singleplayer gets all the love.

    Negative nanny shit got me nothing so I heavily feel I'm headed in the right direction this time...

    -every multiplayer quakers opinion on whats found in newer games that could work in a modern tribute / free style quake that could be supplied here at

    the same world will exist for multiplayer quake that does now because we'll be riding a bike. new players will arrive because something new out there exists and its free, gamers love free. I never met a gamer who would turn down free and it involve gaming. I have Peggle in my Origin account it was an On the House game, its dinky clicker game. nothing like Quake or BF4,or Titanfall, all games that I play multiplayer. I havent even started singleplayer BF4, my son played it. I went straight to the servers, well not all gamers are like that.

    the largest section of multiplayer of gamers are doing so on whatever game because they enjoyed what they played.skipping straight over what attracted the player to begin with will be more difficult than targeting abroad, so single player has to exist for a healthy multiplayer to exist. This is step one, talent! what talent is needed? there's so much talent here and a role call is in order.

    We need you,what can you do? If you clicked this link, whats in your skill set?
    I enjoy playing multiplayer vs player experience gaming,thats what ticks my tock.

    I don't know squat about mapping,coding,modeling,texturing,or any other 'make something' aspect. I tell you this because you should know, we really do need you. My idea for something this community deserves with such a collcetion of talent concentrated at the same focal point, constantly trading goodies of your individual talents. You could expand into a collaborated 'awesome sauce thing' but no ones ever suggested it, and thats what I'm doing, I'm suggesting this entire community pool your collected talents into a project that satisfies every person in this community.

    Boom goes the dynamite.
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    Planet Quake - News, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides

    8 Years ago, I pointed at a boat being rocked in the quakeone/quake1 multiplayer world. I can point at us again too ez, I'm good at just pointing at things in general pew pew pew
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      Nice! Wish I were talented


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        you and me both, and I've looked up various niche spots and found the learning curve being present was too expectating of me to know something to start with.

        the same thing can be said for mining bitcoins, people don't exactly fall over themselves to explain it in lamen term, you either do or don't have a background in some form of programming and or your taking it in college,or someone apprentices some one else into having a general idea to start from.

        google could teach me but I would have to peice it together at my own pace from various sources for free but holy shit. it's a steep climb from being a gamer to a producer of a gamer in some aspect be it mapper,coder,texture,skinner,w/e other terms out there exist to even remotely hold a discussion with someone in that niche, you gotta know the lingo to even know how to structure a proper question,because learning requires communication in some fashion even if through observation and emulation at its most basic form.
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          You don't need a programming background to understand bitcoin mining. In laymen terms, it is simply using an algorithm provided by the bitcoin network and a fast processor (Usually your GPU or multiple GPUs) to authenticate bit coin transactions. Bit coin transactions use complicated mathematical equations to calculate bitcoin transactions which takes alot of computing power. So the solution is using many computer systems on the network working together to solve these equations quickly and efficiently so transactions can go through and people be able to use bitcoins. The reward for processing these transactions on your system for the network is what the mining in bitcoin mining is. You get a small bitcoin payment for each transaction your verify. The amount is very small but if you process enough transactions it can really add up.

          Basically when you make a transaction on bitcoin the transaction has to be authenticated using this process. This authentication process actually happens multiple times. The more often it happens the more "guaranteed" you are that the transaction is legit. Bitcoin is decentralized so you need a reliable way to determine if the bitcoins you receive are authentic and that someone hasn't tried to manipulate the blockchain and as the one giving bitcoin you can see if the transaction does indeed go through properly. This is why you are often recommened to wait for at least 6 or more confirmations before you consider the transaction complete. As an added bonus all transactions are available for anyone to view via blockchains. Think of it like a public ledger that you can go to and see all transactions that have ever taken place on that blockchain. Public ledgers like this still exist today for things like property. You can walk into a city hall public service building and look up any property in your city to see who owns it and how much they paid. That is kinda what is going on here.

          if you'd like more info let me know. Cheers.


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            you can sign me up for something if it's an in and out situation. For instance, anything that can be banged out in a week or less. You already know what I know how to do. I'd want to see other people working on stuff before I would take you seriously though.


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              IDK, that would be getting ahead of myself. I don't know what I'm doing.
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                I got you covered on creative storyline. In fact, I already have one for my game. If this takes off, I'd just as soon focus my efforts on this game, pulling from what I've done on mine. I can pm you the introductory storyline tonight and see what you think.

                The idea of working with a team and providing the best game possible pulling from people's strongest talents really interests me.

                Also sign me up for mapping, modelling, and QC coding (I know nothing about engine or networking code, but I can code some pretty decent shit in QC, especially anything relating to weapons, gore, and AI).

                What I have a hard time doing is high res texturing.
                'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                  some idea's I had was like, maybe an archaeologist discovered e1m1 and accidentally gets teleported to a time before the events in Q1.

                  Maybe another sentient being discovered the quake level e1m1 and was able to see back in time as to what occurred,which somehow their technology activated a failsafe inside e1m1 originally intended to protect the invasion forces should their front line be breached.
                  flipping you to another universe of the multiverse that is the Q1 realm. Complete with its own monsters,weapon sets,and an alternate version of yourself occupying the same space in time.

                  That is if the project tried to retain the Quake1 mythos , which would probably be dancing on HP Lovecraft / Quake's territory. I can't fathom how it would work.

                  I also really dig the idea of the 64 player server Darkplaces offers. 1 server is all that would be needed to initially support this in the end,and multiplayer catching a slice of eventual action would need the modern support. I'm imaging things as I catch a whiff of inspiration and its rather slow. The more I communicate with people the more I can appropriate even a minute thought of what would or could be done,or should be done.

                  I'm out of my element.
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                    I certainly would love to participate any way I can. I am a script kiddie when it comes to Quake C but I can do some stuff.

                    Never done any modeling but if anyone can suggest some good starter programs to learn I will try to make some assets as practice. I'm all about learning!

                    Level design I suck. I can use some level editors like Quark (first one I ever used besides BSP) and currently Trenchboom. I never learned Radiant but open to it. I know of your compilation project Radiant Virtuoso Q1 Gamepack ver 2 and I have downloaded it to try out. Thanks for it!

                    Creative design as far as story eh. I could try. LOL. My english professor would disagree
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                      I would love to help but I am busy for a while.

                      But.... Like most Quake mappers, I have a map that I never released.
                      Granted, Its from eleven years ago but still.

                      Q1 map from a simpler time 2003

                      I think if you can build up the framework and then improve on it, just like a painting, over time adding layer upon layer till it's complete.

                      Storywise, I would look to one of Lovecrafts works and adapt it.

                      HP Lovecraft - Project Gutenburg

                      Also, you need to write/draw up a design document.
                      I can not stress this enough! I can help you with examples if you want from my coursework.

                      I wish you the best in this endeavour!
                      Username : Atomic Robokid on Steam

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                        Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
                        !I stopped thinking about multiplayer because of a newcomers post about being sad. I even think my initial reaction was 'you greedy fn' with other colorful thoughts, but I'm human and I figured I could share that with you.
                        Thats a pretty nasty reaction given that I made this and shared it:


                        Note that hse1m1 actually DID have deathmatch spawns.

                        Also, I find it amusing to be called a newcomer even though I've been with quake for more than ten years. Just because I didn't register here, or hang out here doesn't mean I'm exactly a newcomer you know.

                        I do wish you all luck with this project though, I'd help if I actually had time these days.


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                          new maps have to contain the same elements as


                          I didn't call you a newcomer
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                            Love that map man! Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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                              Originally posted by PrimalLove View Post

                              Love that map man! Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!
                              Cheers big ears!

                              If you have really big ears, I am deeply sorry.
                              Username : Atomic Robokid on Steam

                              Please check out my Quake made things: