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    @PL - you're welcome. I think it will only be 2 more weeks and I'll have the q1 build menu (gui version) complete. From there I should be able to spin a q2 and q3 one pretty quick since graphically and in a generic sense, any conceivable build menu will be complete. It's just a matter of writing the compilers Object definition and plugging it in.

    That's actually why I'm not already done. If I was just making specific stuff I'd be done. I'm making highly ambiguous stuff so it will be real easy to expand the possibilities later. Lots of forethought is being used here.

    Also, it's being built on top of technology that I never completed (cause I was kinda stumped as to how). I knew if I had a real world example to work with I would figure it out, and I did.


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      @MadGypsy its efforts like these that makes me think community projects such as this seismic idea could really work! Thanks again for all your efforts. I really wish I had a logitech controller now. That profiler it has is pretty darn good. I'm currently working on a version via xpadder and glovepie that hopefully can give the same functionality to an xbox controller. Essentially they have the same amount of buttons and axis but xpadder is giving me more trouble than it seems to be worth. The easiest solution for xpadder is to use the multiple presets option and a button to switch between them but Im finding it confusing, atleast to me. :/ lol. Glovepie is likely to be the best option and I can program an automation script via autohkey to run in the background as a task, compile it into an exe and slap it in the startup folder or run it as a service. That way it could be application specific like yours. That is why I like the logitech profiler. It's easy to make it application specific. Glovepie makes it easy as well but xpadder is a bitch. :/


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        Mock my controller map (or as close as you can) with the xbox controller and I'll include it in my sdk. Just keep in mind that my controller is using a custom shortcuts.ini. All you have to do is dump my custom one where the default one is. I'm sure I also have a backup of the original in there somewhere. So you can always go back to default shortcuts. I'll admit manually overwriting INIs isn't very elegant but so far that's the best I have done.

        For real about xbox controller clone of Radiant Brush. You'd be my hero cause I want that but, I don't want to buy an xbox controller.


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          I was looking through the Cthulhu mythos to see if there was an earthquake you could reference. Turns out there was a big one (worldwide) mentioned in Call of Cthulhu ("The Call of Cthulhu" by H. P. Lovecraft), but it is dated at the end of February 1925. I guess you could theoretically make Seismic a prequel, but I'm not sure how you'd get the quake weapons into that setting... actually, the advanced weapons are found throughout the dimensions anyway, and they had shotguns that long ago.

          Another idea I had would be to somehow subvert the entire quake 1 story (yes, without actually mentioning it). As a cliched example, the ending to Seismic would show that the quake 1 was all a dream. Obviously a better and perhaps Lovecraftian subversion would be expected. Here's an idea to think about (brace yourself for a fanciful reveal):

          The character in Seismic can only defeat the power of **the grandmother of Cthulhu** by overtaking the evil using an infinite number of minor defeats. Battles that would continue for generations, over millions of people, but minor enough not to be dangerous to an individual... But so long as the battles continue, evil is held at bay. So, please continue playing our favorite game, and kill her one more time.