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  • Arcane Dimensions

    Arcane Dimensions is complete

    Download - Main ZIP File and Patches

    It is highly recommended to download Patch 2 if you want to run the MOD with Darkplaces or Winquake engines.

    Readme file and documentation included in the root direction of the zip file!
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    Sounds cool. I really like your other works, so I'm sure this will be a treat.
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      Looks cool sock!
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        looks great so far sock!

        nice to see you added the monster-variations i saw on your site, as well as the more fancy-looking ammo-boxes

        and the start-area of remake of E1M2 is looking awesome so far,
        as do all the maps in all the pics on the moddb page

        also cool to see the shadow-warrior riotgun model from zerstorer in the pics,
        its my fave weapon from the original shadow warrior

        the new axe is also nice, like the medieval look of it <3
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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          Saw your post on I3D and looked at it on moddb. Your maps always look good and the mod looks like it will be fun.


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            Yeah always good to see some sock stuff. I was debating whether or not this would push me into making a moddb account just to leave comments, but it turns out that I guess I already made an account back in 2010. :-)


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              Hey sock
              I was sad when I was reading your post at inside3d in which you explained why development for ITS came to an end. After that I saw you making mod_independent maps, which stuck out of the masses as usual and I started to gain hope.

              Now I see your new project and seeing all the content that didnt make it into your older mod is a heavenly relief
              It is always good having made several projects before a BIG one. That ensures "learning from the past", as well as "doing it better" at first run. And having a clearer vision.

              I love your maps, your ideas and models (some from necros and others).
              You will deliver the whole package. Covering all areas of modding. Which is unique!

              Thank you that you continue making magical stuff for Quake.

              PS: Looking at your clips and screens I didnt see any engine specific stuff. Is this correct? Will it run on a greater number of advanced engines? If so, it is great.


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                Thanks everyone for the comments, I hope to maintain the hype by posting a new screenshot every couple of days, so maybe its worth a bookmark!

                @talisa, the riotgun and axe are new features that can change how existing id map or newly designed map work. I will save what they do as a surprise for release, but they are indeed fun to play with.

                @Henry, The mod will be designed to run on QS/Fitz and DP/FTE clients. The QC will detect client features and switch functions to suit.


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                  Originally posted by sock View Post
                  @Henry, The mod will be designed to run on QS/Fitz and DP/FTE clients. The QC will detect client features and switch functions to suit.
                  More people should do this.
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                    Nice work on the updated AI. Looks fluid.

                    Changes to AI Infighting video - Arcane Dimensions Mod for Quake - Mod DB


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                      2 thumbs up my friend.


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                        Looks interesting!

                        Can't Wait!


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                          im looking forward to sink my teeth into more of your high quality content!
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                            Looks great as always Sock!


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                              @R00k, thanks, the extra entity parameters are about setting up infighting events in maps so that the environment feels more dynamic.

                              Thanks everyone for your kind words, I am trying to maintain a momentum on the screenshot posting so there should be new updates every 3-4 days. As always, all feedback welcome, I am listening for what people like and don't!

                              More pixels ... Crumbling Lift Shaft