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  • A new survival mod

    I've been fooling around with an idea for a mod, inspired by "dmsp" mode from the Soul of Evil mod. The idea is that monsters outpour from deathmatch spawnpoints, and the players kill them for points.

    I used Runequake as the base, since it has voting and other stuff already. The server is hardcoded to stay in survival mode, but you can vote off the runes (use the vote-runes command). Server is

    The mod is not 100% complete... for example, smaller levels become too packed, and some levels don't have a good amount of ammo, even though ammo respawns. I'm also not sure when each level should end... currently, it ends when a player killed 1000 points worth of mobs. It could be designed instead as a time attack, or a group effort, or just survive until everyone dies.

    If it sounds interesting, give it a try and then think what might make it better.

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    I'll give this a once over. Sounds neato.



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      Seems similar to: Qonquer


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        I like MonsterMash style gameplay. I remember years ago I played on a server that had one map and it constantly spawned monsters (as long as monsters kept dying). No win or lose, just a constant battle. All I remember about it was that it was for DarkPlaces and it had a few modded weapons (a Perforator being a Doom Plasma Rifle and a Thunderbolt being the Doom BFG, and I think one other). I'll have to give this a try sometime!
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          Hey looks like a good idea! remember me of the survival invasion mode from doom online, keep up!


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            Sounds good! If you want some inspiration, i think it was Necros, that made one mod very similar to what you are describing, with tools to make more maps like the ones provided..


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              Julius, it does sound like Qonquer. I was thinking of making wave-like mechanics, but now I don't have to!


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                reminds me of the time i re-made one of skulltag's invasion-maps in quake years ago:

                latest download of that map here:
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
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                  I had no idea you made a map, Talisa. I'll have to try it sometime.
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