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Yet another HD ogre.

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  • Yet another HD ogre.

    Hey guys!

    I'm a huge fan of quake so I'm working on an ogre for fun. I've started sculpting it in zbrush and have done a paint over in photoshop. I want to get this game ready, then maybe donate it to one of the quake revival projects that have the high res models and textures.

    So far I've spent about 7 hours sculpting it and 2.5 hours with the paint over. Next I'll begin modelling in the armour.

    Then I'll either get onto the weapons or start painting him as he is, and work on some details.

    I may end up rigging and animating it... we'll see. I'm a freelance artist and I just do this to blow off steam when I'm sick of client work.

    Do you guys like it? I feel like I'm on the right track here
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    Very nice! Please keep us updated!


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      Hi gdiddy62,

      I certainly will

      The next update may be a while away but I will definitely come back here as soon as I do.


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        I like the hair and "dog collar", the face not so much. We're still missing a faithful ogre model and TBH, I'd rather have liked one.
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          WOW that face looks humble yet menacing! Very nice work!


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            Thanks guys


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              WOW I hope he makes it in the game soon nice work on the modle


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                Its looking good. I wish had that sort of talent as most of my attempts at modelling look like they are refugees from an old Dire Straits video

                Keep up the good work Simon.

                Kind regards
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                  I like it! Nice work!


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                    Fantastic! I look forward to the release.


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                      Cheers peeps! I really appreciate the kind words. That really fuels me to finish the job and keep you all updated!

                      I have some art friends who have given me some feedback about a couple of things.. I should have another update some time this week.

                      Warm regards!



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                        Originally posted by bfg666 View Post
                        I like the hair and "dog collar", the face not so much. We're still missing a faithful ogre model and TBH, I'd rather have liked one.
                        Don't wanna be a negative nancy, just tossing out some constructive criticism, but I kinda agree with bfg on the face. He could look scarier with a lower center to the brow to make him look meaner, maybe some different colored eyes. The brown irises look too friendly and human. Maybe add some bloodshot to the whites, some yellowish jaundice looking kinda thing. The nose is perfect, but if the center of the brow came down to kinda mirror the angle of the tip and outer nostril, that would make him more vicious looking. Maybe try some more pointed downturned corners to the mouth to make him more frownie. Dunno if that would look proper with those big mean lower fangs though, might look odd and unrealistic. The oversized hands are PERFECT.

                        Kinda looks like concept art though. Is that actually a wireframe model with a texture image on it? If so, that is TITS! I gotta learn how to do that.


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                          Can I make an odd request? Can you make two skins/textures for it?

                          SMC has the multi-model/multi-skin feature where for any creature you can use two models, and two skins for each.


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                            it's beautiful work. Unfortunately, even QRP isn't going to support this model. It will seem like 2 completely different things smacked together. I hope I'm wrong but, your ogre seems faaaaaar too clean for any kind of Q1.

                            It might work if you severely drop the polies. There isn't a whole lot of "actually smooth" in Q1.


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                              I think he looks fine as is personally, but will take what you offer eventually and try it in game.