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  • Originally posted by talisa View Post
    the SMC does NOT include any sort of ammo-boxes

    aye, you can fix that by simply deleting the AD files from progs folder so that they wont override the HD models anymore.

    any existing replacement ammo-boxes are actually just md3 files with renamed file-extension, and there is thus no need to convert them.
    and all you would need to do is manually change the file-extension to mdl and move the files to progs folder.

    however..... AD's ammo-boxes are all centered-aligned models, while regular quake has its ammo-boxes all corner-aligned.
    so all available replacement ammo-boxes for quake are also corner-aligned to match the original ammo-boxes.

    meaning that all available HD-models for ammo would all need to be edited to align them to center to be usable in AD.
    otherwise the ammo-boxes will appear mis-aligned if used in AD.


    most other models in AD however are just simply renamed and most of them are not edited in any way,
    and getting HD replacement models and skins to work with those is just a matter of renaming the HD models/textures (and deleting the AD files)

    ive actually been busy doing exactly yesterday, and ill share some of them soon
    Has there been any update on this? I'm currently at the state where everything in AD looks absolutely amazing except for all these low-poly health and ammo pickups. They stick out like a sore thumb. xD


    • The link for Sock's 'Nyarlathotep's Sandcastle' -by Blood Vengeance - is dead!

      Can someone upload it again please?

      Fórum QuakeBrasil

      Lots of Quake related stuff


      • Anyone have these textures and can reupload? Linka are dead.