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[HELP!] OSJC needs your help animating a texture on a custom v_shot.mdl

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  • [HELP!] OSJC needs your help animating a texture on a custom v_shot.mdl

    Following on from work done in the AMQ thread, I had decided to play about with weapons.
    the new 'enhanced' models, the deware models and classic id1 all have features I rather like that dont always feature on each other.

    so take this shotgun:

    you can see the one on the left is deware's.
    I like the classic feel. I also like the version that has the moving pump also and thats what we currently use in the AMQ.
    but I also liked the form of the enhanced shotgun's pump.

    well half-dead over at mod-db (and on youtube) has been playing about with the new enhanced models too. I used one of his conversions as a base and have been twisting, cutting, re adjusting both the model and the skin to use features of deware and the id1 style of textures on the new enhanced model.

    SO. the one on the right is my new one.
    it has the moving pump but the pump has all the detail and smoother form of the new enhanced one.
    it has the much nicer rounder barrel but with the deware texture with the nice reflected pump on it.
    the rear reciever has a more realistic and shaped section and this has been edited to better match the texture of the original id1 skin.

    however there is a problem with this model. when the pump moves during the firing animation the reflection on the barrel is static. making it look odd.
    on the deware one in the AMQ the reflections on the barrel move in line with the pump position.
    this is where I need some help.

    can this be edited so that the reflection moves along the barrel alongside the pump?
    is that even possible with a finished mdl.
    if so how? any help here would be greatly appreciated

    in the meantime I've had to revert back to some more basic texturing and simply use the brown shade reflection as on the id1 original, see here:

    yeah Its nice, but the reflections of the induvidual pump sections based on the deware texture are much much better...

    here is a file that contains the v_shot.mdl in question.
    The model has both the aforementioned 'deware' style skin and this 'classic' barrelled version too...

    If you can help on this I'd be eternally greatful. if not, or you're just stopping by, then do feel free to use the model as it is with whichever skin you prefer...
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