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Enhanced textures for Quake Maps - Ultraviolence by Escher.

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  • Enhanced textures for Quake Maps - Ultraviolence by Escher.

    Copied from another thread (see link) so as to not derail that thread any further....
    Originally posted by Moon[Drunk] View Post

    Someone seems to have bought the domain and put up an old version of my site. Only thing I notice is odd is one link to a casino!?!

    Mr.Burns let me know if you need anything regarding the ultrav/egypt textures
    Thanks Moon, much apprecated. Sadly I'm no graphic artist, more of a keen newbie Game Dev, but I've managed to port all of those textures and the ultrav map in to Unity, created normal, height and specular maps for each texture, and it was certainly a big improvement on the previous texture set. Unfortunately Youtube has done its usual thing of removing a lot of the detail from the original video, but you can kind of get the idea..

    If you have any pbr type textures that might fit the bill please let me know as I don't mind redoing it again if it further improves the overall look and feel.

    For anyone else wishing to work with these textures the following links, kindly supplied by the mighty Seven , may be useful:
    Copy of the original web page:
    Download link:

    My thanks to both of you once again, what would we do without you

    Monty (aka QuakeVoid)
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