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  • lol, you are right Nergal.
    First do the 3, then do the 14

    Could you then (as a compromise) give us the beautiful lava nail ammo b_boxes skins beforehand ?
    That would be really nice

    Now Iīll stop to spam this thread and leave you alone to concentrate on your work.

    All the best for you and your team.


    • @Negral
      Both of scrag download links points to a same file (


      • Hmm, started with new cfg, luma overbright issue is gone, thanks!

        Another strange thing is Chton lighting. When it raises from lava, it's too dark:

        But then he quits the shadow, catches some light and looks fine:

        Same thing happens with the default cfg

        Is it normal, or i have to tweak cfg or script?


        • Its down to his position on the map and in turn the position of the ambient light.
          he is in shadow because he is being sillouetted by the main source of light in the room, the open sky above/behind him, at least iI asuume as much,


          • oh and regarding:
            Originally posted by Nergal View Post
            ...-heads with no blodd: WTF!! I’ll upload the right versions asap...
            I Did wonder if it was just me! looking forward to new ones now!

            Originally posted by Nergal View Post
            ...@osjclatchford: the original animation was much longer and fluid but I didn’t want to impact the loading time so much; now it’s reduced to a bunch of frames and slowled to conceal the jumps.
            It lasts roughly the duration of the fight, but you can tweak the Animap parameter, as Seven said...
            Yeah, I suddenly realised that the animation is made to represent ch'thon getting damaged/hotter as the fight progresess, not a throbbing glow as I wrongly assumed, as you say it all depends on how quick your average leveltime is on e1m7!

            thanks and keep up the good work guys


            • @Seven: take advantage until we manage to stay here
              I'll check the files, I don't remember right now but I think all the ammo boxes are ready.

              @ASS: thanks a lot !

              @BEEF34T3R: same as said by osjclatchford. We had to reach a compromise while colouring the skin, too dark in front or too red the other side..

              Quake Reforged
              Retexturing and Reskinning project for Quake, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity

              SoA skins
              DoE skins pre-release


              • @ Nergal

                I sent you a PM with a specific question. Please read it.

                @ BEEF34T3R,

                I think I understand your problem:
                You dont seem to use any light enhancements.
                As you know, there are different ways to enhance the enviroment lights.
                - rtlights
                - lit files
                - dlit files

                My Chton rising looks very different to your screenshot.
                I use Romiīs rtlights and NO lit (or dlit) files.
                When you use Romiīs lights, Chton will look much better.
                Better, when he raises and after he raised.
                Of course all other ID1 maps will be enhanced as well.
                In my opinion Romiīs rtlights is a MUST for everyone.
                It gives so much more atmosphere. You must see it to believe it

                Give it a try...
                I think that is one reason why your visuals differ from others.

                Kind Regards,


                • Nergal,
                  not to be one of those obsessive basts that bug for releases but I just wanted to know if you will notify us here first when those headgibs with blood (for h_guard, h_mega, h_shal and h_shams) are done, or if you already had updated the dl link and I'd missed it?



                  • Thank you QR team!!!

                    Everything looks amazing!


                    • Did I mention it feels like I'm playing a whole new game?!?!

                      And sadly I'm suffering Beef's problem too- my RT-lights only treat one point in the top-back of the map as the light source, but not all around (or for that matter, the lava- which most definitely should illluminate also but in my case aint)

                      I'll try reinstalling Romi's RT lights pack (might have a different one going ATM)
                      Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
                      Quake fanart (obviously included)!



                      • Because of King Hazzaīs and BEEF34T3Rīs issue,
                        Iīd like to post another thing.

                        It would be a pity if users have this issue and cannot fully enjoy the fantastic work of Reforged Team.

                        Please try the following:
                        - Use this beta build from DP: klick
                        - Please try to use my config.cfg temporary in your ID1 folder
                        (find it here)

                        These are my comparable screens to BEEF34T3Rīs (post #708 )

                        Hope I could help a bit.

                        Kind Regards,


                        • hmm, having seen seven's screenies it appears I too may have a rubbish light-sourcing problem too.


                          • I have it too. Sevens config and the linked DP version didn't solve the issue. My Cthon doesn't glow as I look towards him after picking up the rune.


                            • When i have understood correctly, the Chthon begins to glow and that is getting brighter with the time.. Look at the shader-file, there is a animap sequence. I use the DP-Beta together with Sevens config, i think i can compare my and Sevens picture as nearly the same.


                              It looks on my rig as follows:





                              Canīt say, if this is correctly.. Seven, what is your opinion? Looks near identicial to yours to me..

                              To check it up, i have following installed:

                              - Sevenīs DPlava 0.2
                              - Sevenīs DPwater 0.34
                              - Sevenīs config.cfg
                              - an effectinfo.txt
                              - deluxemaps
                              - rtlights

                              Kindly regards,
                              Last edited by TR2N; 12-11-2010, 09:09 AM.


                              • I must say, that I am sorry to start the confusion I did with my posts...

                                Tweaking the engines options gives infinite possibilities.
                                If you look at the screenshots from Reforgedīs website, you will see that they look exactly like BEEF34T3Rīs and TR2Nīs.
                                So, everything is right. It was intended to look same this.

                                Yes, Chton is dark in the screenshots and in the game.
                                But it was intended to be this way.

                                So, in the end only my DP looks different as it was intended.
                                Please excuse, that i started this discussion about how it "should" look like...
                                Who knows what the real reason is for my different visuals.

                                I should stop posting such things. Sorry.

                                Kind Regards,