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  • naaaah you don't have to sorry - everything cool. i mean its cool to see how other DP setups look like or what possibilities are there to tweak it. keep up posting


    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Thank you for all the links also, and of course you don't have to apologize!

      It's all about id1\maps\[map].rtligt files we use.
      I used to play with some old religt and got dark Chton with the shadow in front of him, while he raises, that was shown on screenshots in prev post.
      Oh, and i totally forgot, that there were these files in my maps folder, so thoght, that i used romi's lights, while had pk3 file with them in id1

      So, deleted old .rtlight files, tried romi's relight and got exactly the same "bright" Chton without shadow, that we see on Seven's screens. But that isn't great too, cause it's always too bright, we want to see some light volume and a bit of scarry darkness

      But take a look at this video:
      YouTube - Chthon Reforged
      -front shadow is on it's place, and lighting is perfect!
      do you use some special/your own relight, or you've done some changes in the shader?
      Another nice thing in this video is the rotating rune - did you fix rotation for rygel's weapons/powerups? May i ask you to upload the fixed pack?

      Also, compared romi's relight to the one i use and discovered that romi's lighting is not ideal in all situations. For example, look at the stained-glass window shadow, which is missing with rugel's lights:

      no relight:

      romi's rtlights:

      some old relight i used:

      romi's lighting is still the fastest solution as you see and as timedemo shows.


      • I thought in my case its because of my hardware.
        Its not an AMAZING rig at at all but it will run most things at a high level, at first i thought it might be something to do with parralax mapping? I don't run this (in fact I don't actually know how to LOL!) and I'm not even sure if my rig could handle it as it can't manage the pretty water as it is...

        not too bad though, so what if chton is a bit dark on one side? it makes it kind of more menacing as you grab the rune...

        also looking at the screenies above I think I shant bother with Romi's lights at all as those stainglass window shadows were one of the things that really wowed me when I first enabled the rt lighting! LOL!

        again its all down to personal prefferance eh?
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        • Thank you for your kind words and understanding.

          @ BEEF34T3R
          You talk about the not spinning runes.
          Didnt you notice that MANY models in Rygels pack do not spin (have issues) ?
          - Quaddamage
          - All g_weapon models
          - Runes
          - v_spike (has no trail)
          - ...

          It is a simple but severe issue.
          The only thing that is missing is setting the correct flag to these models.
          Rygel didnt seem to know the root cause, so he couldnt correct it.
          You can correct it by yourself if you want, by following these steps:
          klick me (flag for spinning for example is: 8 )

          Or, if you think this is too difficult for you, there are inkub0īs .pk3īs: here
          I know that some models have been corrected in inkub0īs packs, but am not sure for all.

          Regarding Romiīs rtlights:
          I simply love them
          Romi did rtlights for Mission pack 1 as well.
          Unfortunately he never made any for Mission pack 2.
          It took him several years to optimize them as they are today.
          One more very important thing about rtlights:
          They will increase your FPS significantly when using "RT World " !!
          Thats reason enough for using them, isnt it ?

          Kind Regards,
          Last edited by Seven; 12-12-2010, 04:32 AM.


          • Thank you Seven, i'll play around with model flags
            Romi's relight is great, but still not perfect.
            One example - in the teleport thread:
            Let's keep up discussing monters here!


            • @osjclatchford: we're not cruel enough to not notify you the upload of the right skins so you have to download the pack again and again only to check. Are we?

              @cmbuzzkill: we're glad too if this community becomes a little bigger thanks to us.

              @TR2N: Chthon's "rock armour" gradually crumbles revealing the internal magmatic body, then magma solidifies and the process restarts, but in the end -yes- it gets brighter.

              @BEEF34T3R: yes we've fixed the rotation. Thanks to Seven for the fast reply.

              Quake Reforged
              Retexturing and Reskinning project for Quake, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity

              SoA skins
              DoE skins pre-release


              • no i didn't think you really were that cruel! LOL! just being paranoid I guess!


                • So, I

                  Installed Q1
                  Installed DP
                  Installed Quake Retexture Project PK3 to \Id1\
                  Installed Quake Reforged Project (Extracted , ZIP'd the two folders, renamed QRP.pk3~DROP into ID1)
                  r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 1 enabled
                  Everything is running, I tried to shortcut to check out Chthon, and I keep getting ;
                  Mem_Alloc: out of memory (alloc at gl_textures.c645)
                  Mem_Alloc: out of memory (aloc at jpeg.c:627)
                  Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


                  • Says out of Memory - what's your graphics card RAM or PC RAM?


                    • FIXED. Wow,sekc stuff
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                      Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


                      • hello

                        im pleased that you finished up a pack of skins and i must say the skins look
                        really good, im using all reforged skins in my current set.

                        the soldier and shambler are looking nice now.

                        ive been waiting for the ogre and its really good. I had to edit the color because with my machine it looked over bright,
                        after that easy adjustment i can see this is your best work.

                        the ogers eyes are sick and clarity of this skin ingame is really excellent.

                        good job guys....thanks.


                        • Nice Job!!!

                          OK, well I tried out the 2048 pack in Darkplaces with most of the trimmings! Nice job. Please make the fiends mouth (much) larger, and make the grunt's armour less turquoise and we will have an absolute winner. Really like the shambler, the scrag and the enforcers skins. Also the ogre is very nice

                          Not to be funny, but someone should compile a pack with everything in it. I know you guys have done these monster skins, but if there was a pack which actually have a set of skins for all of the items (which are already on the web in various forms) all of the weapons (again - already been done) AND the QRP set WITH the normals, then I would download it for sure!

                          The worst thing about using hi-res textures is when you see textures which are'nt hi-res. I think someone should do it. I think all of the vanilla textures have been touched up in some form or other, they just need to be consolidated at this point.

                          I would also like to mention at this point that the QRP website is awesome! A few Flash objects with stills-montages would just top it off. Most people who view the site will have capable hardware for it to not ruin their browsing experience.


                          • Agree Ricky, not only would it make a nice rounded product with all new features put in, but would make a nice neat package tweaked to its proper settings (instead of technologically-impaired characters like myself installing piece by piece and risk accidentally overwriting some important files!)

                            PS- just wanted you to know your maps are seriously, seriously awesome! Wouldn't happen to be working on any at the moment?

                            On a similar note, what's the future hold for yourselves, Alfader and Nergal?
                            Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
                            Quake fanart (obviously included)!



                            • It looks really, really cool !
                              Great job !


                              • Hey guys, I have a problem - every time i try to load E1M7, it get's stuck on Boss.mdl (in

                                darkplaces) and after a minute crashes with "Mem_alloc: out of memory (alloc at