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Eel MP2 - Dissolution of Eternity

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  • Eel MP2 - Dissolution of Eternity

    just a try...
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    Why haven't I ever thought of remodeling this monster? His design is so basic.

    Love the skin from what I can see. Can't wait to see the release


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      Thanks OoPpEe.
      You have a PM!
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        Looks great webangel! Waiting for the release too..
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          +1 to wanting to see the release when you finish!


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            That is awesome!

            You took what was original probably the least spectacular enemy in Quake (second only to the invisible swordsman) and made it so good it actually makes me want to play DOE just to check it out!
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              I know itīs just a simple edit of the original texture, but I think itīs looking good.

              Please try it.

              Just place the pk3 in your Rogue folder.

              The waters in "R2M1-Tempus Fugit" are full of eels
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                Hello webangel,

                Thank you for your work.
                I made a comparism screenshot, so it easier to see.

                Some details are still missing (like eyes and pattern), but it looks promising.

                Kind regards,


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                  Looking good! But Seven's right about the details..
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                    Ok. I liked the dead eyes.
                    Normaly you will not see it because the eel attacks you, anyway - I will look at this.
                    Thanks for the feedback!


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                      Dead eyes or not, there does need to be some strong lines around them; or, alternatively, it has no eyes at all?

                      By the way- a good optical illusion that would help its teeth- retexture them so that the inside-facing sides of each tooth (the ones facing into the mouth) are much darker, and along the edges of the teeth (especially the points) are brighter; It gives a very realistic illusion of a real mouth and it's simple to do!

                      Interesting facts- Electric Eels ain't actually eels- they're a relative of catfish/carp, and they are in fact almost blind; they usually live in murky muddy water and detect prey using electricity sensors (similarly, sharks have electric and heat sensors in their noses)
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                      Quake fanart (obviously included)!



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                        The detail is fine in my opinion. Electric Eel's are actually very bland in design - it's the other eels that have the nice patterns on them.
                        Electric Eel Pictures and Facts - Electrophorus electricus |
                        As you can see they are basically almost flat in color. So for any improvements on the skin - I'd make him more on the greyish brown color with some dull "dots" (make them higher gloss, so ingame they'd reflect on movement for a more realistic look). I'd leave the eyes are they are in size, I know they're smaller body to eye size ratio but if made any smaller they'd be unseen really. However make them more defined as presently it seems to blend into the skin.


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                          I wouldn't actually worry at all about mimicking a real electric eel's skin;
                          For the simple reason that the model still provides a shape of a true river eel, than a real-life electric eel itself (which has a broad, wide, fat face, lacks large teeth, etc than a tall, thin set of jaws)
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                          Quake fanart (obviously included)!



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                            New WiP


                            I like OoPpEeīs Idea and tried it.
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                              Love it The gloss map you did looks great too - gives off that slime look to it.
                              Also you should make a video of eels out of water. This will allow you to show them off ingame without the "fog" in the water. Of course yours shows how it'd look in the majority of the water ingame.