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Weather files for MP2 Dissolution of Eternity

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  • Weather files for MP2 Dissolution of Eternity

    Hello all good people in this great community. My name is David and I am from Prague. I found this web site few months ago, because my all-time classics game is -so unexpected- Quake.
    I found great modifications, effects, textures etc. on this forum and thus I want also contribute a little as a great thanks to all people here, who put their time and ideas in this great game. So Idecided to create weather files for mission pack 2,which is not completed yet. Today I started with start map to learn how things works, and I think the result is fine (not optimal, nor final state).
    I used already modified ent file by Webangel, so credits are hers (if I am correct and you are girl, if not sorry pal).
    So in my free time I will create ent files for all maps in MP2. I will be pleased for any feedback and suggestions. (for example using rain or snow).
    Finally I want to thank again this whole community to not letting Quake die.

    By dafxik at 2012-01-21[/IMG]
    By dafxik at 2012-01-21[/IMG]
    By dafxik at 2012-01-20[/IMG]
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    Looks real good! only issue is that the rain falls through the big hanging quake symbol. I'm not sure if these can be helped?...but I have seen maps in Q1 with rain falling through little windows in the it seems possible to be fixed. Keep going!...its a good start.


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      Hi papamac, I am aware of this issue, in fact rain is also falling through blocks in other thin edge windows and nightmare teleporter/lift area. I am planning to repair this windows in the future, but round objects like Q logo are little problem for me now, because weather location is defined by cubes (or squares if you look from upside down). It's sure that it can be done, only problem is for me now, that it's time consuming and instead I can make another few maps.
      Thank you very much for your reply.
      Today I have made next map r1m1 with rain + fog and also updated start map with fog and ash over lava. Sincerely I am not fully satisfied with fog height, so any tips will be appreciated and tested for results.
      All updates are located in first post.


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        Hi quakers, I've done today one more map (r1m2). Link is as always in the first post. Also I want to thank Seven for weather creating tutorial and his other marvellous work. Good night.


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          Hello dafx,

          You seem to use an old MP2 start.ent file as your work base.
          The lava steam + ash is already available for download.
          Plus an additional custom effect for the snake.
          See clip:
          [ame= DOEgsToPDskLE5m0GpZ8ITJFjK6i6RQv7]MP2 start - YouTube[/ame]

          Regarding your start map rain+fog:
          - The ash is moving too fast and is too white
          - The ash is also visible in other/wrong areas (at teleporter that beam you back to start pos)
          - The rain cube has wrong coordinates on the far right side (at teleporter that beam you back to start pos)
          - Rain is missing in the multiplayer parts of the map.
          (always noclip far out to get an overview of the map first)
          - The fog cannot be adjusted to your needs, because the map is build on different z-heights.
          You will therefore alsways have areas in MP2 start where the ground-fog has a wrong z-position.
          I recommend to not use fog in start map of MP2, because of this fact and because of the fact that it will ruin the slime color.

          I like your taste/settings of rain quantity in start map !
          It is very important to use as little rain as possible.
          That will help to keep the performance up.
          Just like golden_boy said: Less is sometimes more.
          I personaly used always as little rain as possible in ID1 maps.
          Splitterface uses much more rain quantity in MP1 maps.
          But that is a personal taste of course (unfortunately it will bring performance down as well)

          Your rain quantitiy in the big open area of R1M1 is too much for me.
          Webangel uses a quite similar ground fog. The impact on the slime color is unavoidable.
          Your water looks strange in your screenshot 1.
          It is hard to see where the water surface is.
          The underwater area looks identical to the above water area. There is no distortion.

          Your rain quantity in R1M2 is overall good.
          But always remember to use as little as possible, to have a nice compromise between visual and performance.
          The lava areas could be reworked with the steam and ash effects like shown in the clip.

          A very good start dafx !

          PS: Did I mention that I love MP2 ?


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            Hello Seven,
            thank you for your reply. I merged start map ent file with newer effects you mentioned, and corrected found mistakes and missed places (bad coordinates and missing nigtmare vault). I also removed fog which is really unnecessary at the moment. In r1m1 I have lowered rain intensity, in r1m2 I have corrected ash effect properties using Webangels mp2 start ent file.

            Regarding water issue I am using now seanstar's new water shader, because of the performance boost (I also miss distort effect from yours water shader, but as you wrote less is somtimes more in terms of gameplay

            Today I made r1m3 map, where are no outside areas, but I included ash effect over all lava pools and gound fog in lowest levels too. Maybe red hell fog should be better for this map, but it depends on future implementation of lava steam. In that case fog isn't necessary at all.


            P.S. I have looked in corresponding particle effect code in both effectinfo and ent file, but I am not sure about using it myself at the moment, so any suggestions, tips or short tutorial about variables is welcomed. I want to implement in the future snake effect in MP2 and slipgate fog effect in ID's maps (its only left in each episodes first maps).
            P.S.2 I have also some new effect idea which should be accomplished through ent files, but I leave it to mature in my head for now .


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              Thanks for the release dafx, nice work, I hope you will make all the weather files for MP2


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                Hi all, today new maps r1m4 and r1m5 was created. r1m4 is without outside areas, so only lava ash was added. r1m5 contains both lava ash and rain.

                In r1m5 is also one rain leak below final room I noticed during testing, because there is very thin floor/ceiling.

                As always updated zip file v1.1 is in first post of this thread.
                Please comment any issues or moral support, it's the fuel of our work.


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                  Hello dafx,

                  There seem to be not much open areas in the first episode.
                  That is good, so your weather files will be done quickly

                  Thank you for sharing your work.

                  I only noticed that you did not include the necessary file for the lava effect in the start map:
                  - start_effectinfo.txt

                  Remember that effects that use "rain_think" or "snow_think" does not need a special/additional file, but effects that use the "seven_think" need an effect declaration via effectinfo.txt. In the map-specific case you will most probably need a map-specific effectinfo.txt. In this example it must be called: start_effectinfo.txt
                  This file contains the effect declaration/syntax.
                  It would be nice if you could add the lava steam effect in all your maps (I dont mean the ash).

                  Please read through the thread for MP1 weather files to learn some tricks that can be done to minimize the water leakage.
                  You will also find some in the tutorial thread, but it has several pages, so it will take a while to go through...

                  Thanks again for your effort.


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                    hey all,

                    i decided to continue making ent files for rogue since dafx sadly seemed to have stopped after doing a bunch of maps.

                    but instead of taking dafx ent files and fix and improve them i instead decided to start from scratch on them. just earlier today i finished the start map, and i immediately added a whole bunch of options. normal rain, blood rain, fog or no fog, cynders, lava steam in hard hall, and steam coming down from portal to NM hall
                    (btw nothing personal dafx, i didnt think your ent files were bad, but i thought it was just easier to start from scratch rather then fix and improve on your files)


                    to use one, drop the ent file for the option you wanna use in your rogue/maps folder, and change the name to start.ent.
                    if you want to use any of the files which have lava steam, make sure to also drop the matching start_effectinfo for the steam effects option you use into your rogue/maps folder, and rename it to start_effectinfo.txt

                    hope you like them.
                    please do tell if you find parts which could use improvement or leaks and such, or spots that i missed

                    i personally prefer the version with bloodrain, rising ash, lava steam at both hard hall and portal to nm hall, and fog.
                    it makes the whole map look so uber-awesome and pure evil
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                    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                      Hi splitterface,
                      Glad to see you back at it. I'll check these soon!


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                        It is good to see you work on weather and ambience stuff again splitterface.

                        Comparing your rain with dafx´s brought the exact same performance.
                        Which is good.

                        I could not find any leaks or issues.
                        Only one thing I would like to mention:
                        You could even decrease the performance impact when you choose closer coordinates outside of these roof cutouts. Resulting in smaller cubes.

                        But I guess this is the issue with count value "1" again.
                        Which forces you to make your cube bigger to have a lower rain volume...
                        But if it is not that case, you could make many many roofcutout-cubes smaller, using a smaller count value (wasting less rain in map areas which arenot visable).

                        Good job !


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                          yes exactly, i had to make the cubes of those parts be partially outside the map cuz otherwise there would be to heavy rain in those parts. their count value is already at 1.

                          so i did make those rainblocks be partially outside the map on purpose

                          but it shouldnt impact performance since the rain outside the map isnt visible cuz of the fact ID added those faces which make anything outside player area not visible
                          so the rain thats outside the map wont be visible at all and wont impact performance,
                          its only visible when you use noclip to get outside the map
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                          are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                          > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                          everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                            Originally posted by splitterface View Post
                   the rain thats outside the map wont impact performance
                            I dont think so because rain particles are rain particles, no matter where they are. The engine must spawn them, so the performance is affected.

                            But as I said, that is of course correct, that you did it that way.
                            That keeps the visible rain drop count low.
                            And that shows that you are an experienced rain dancer

                            Keep up the good work.


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                              thanx seven

                              yeah ive used that trick often before

                              its a very usefull trick to keep raincount low in smaller places.

                              ill most likely start on R1M1 later tonight
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread