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  • yep I am done with it as far as I can do.
    tried adding anim frames (to match frame names and number of frames as sevens) in qme but it just goes all screwy in game. must be some kinda hidden info that needs changing so it will work...

    the beard-bitz/mandible-things are indeed on the original:

    you know of all chillo's edits the vore seems to be my least favourite in all... there are a LOT of deviations and even with the masectomy and horn removal it actually looks rather crude compared to his other work imho...
    the legs are great but arms/hands are too long/chunky and the head is a bit meh to me in all honesty...
    I mean, yeah, Im no moddeler but I know what i like and dont like. and not to bash chillo, his hellknight, scrag, fiend and zombie to name just a few are absolutely fantastic and +/- flawless reproductions.

    oh to have this'un though eh?

    Skiffy again... sigh such a shame this got lost to the mists of modding time...
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    • Yeah, in general, Vore arms and legs could be thicker. Leg color should be dark (could be solved via skin). Claws on Chillo's model are bigger and more crab-like, but that's one of the deviations I don't mind much.

      The lower part of the torso would also look better if it were bulkier. As for the head, you can see it doesn't go backwards Aliens-style and the teeth are more exposed somewhat.

      It's still a very good model, but with a few tweaks here or there, you could get it to an even higher level. Still, we can be glad we had Chillo create all these great mdls in a short period of time. They kept us going after capnbubs vanished from the radar. With TM, we have reached tier 3, and we need to make good use of him, for I fear that we won't find anyone else to get this project completed otherwise.
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      • I might take a crack at doing the vore. I have one last project I'm helping on for a Shadow Warrior mod that I should have completed a month ago but then I'll probably get something done.

        Myself and KuriKai from the Doom High Res project have a Discord server where we can discuss games, modding and other errata. If you want, I can set up a Quake modding section and people can try it out to see what they think. If you don't like the experience, there is still here. Let me know what you think.


        • Maybe better to make a separate thread for the Discord idea, it's hard enough to attract attention to a thread here these days. Also over at Func_Msgboard, if possible. In general, it cannot hurt - no idea why something like this does not exist already (maybe it does, but I wouldn't know anything about it)...

          Oh, and the DoE zombie is a case like the Vore. Needs some additional frames, but based on the same model remake.
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          • Originally posted by NightFright View Post
            I know that Chillo's Vore deviations are interesting, but in a project where we try to get as close to the original models as possible, we have to be kinda strict. Anybody is free to use Chillo's unedited replacement if they prefer it, but the male/hornless version is the one we have to include.
            perhaps it could be an idea to include such kinda models inside the pack as extra optional replacements
            for those who might enjoy models which have minor deviations from the originals but are still very much authentic looking?

            or as a seperate download addon package
            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


            • Once we are done with the actual replacements, it's worth thinking about spinoff releases. If things continue the way they do right now, it actually shouldn't be that long any more. And who would have thought that one year ago?
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              • Since it seems we are slowing down with the frequency of new additions, I consider this the right time to do the next release. This turned out to be the biggest update we have ever had, mostly thanks to Tea Monster who made it possible that we have content exclusively created for this pack for the first time ever! However, osj's contributions shouldn't be forgotten, either - these two guys are what keep the wheels turning. Here's hoping we can melt down that to-do list even more in the near future!

                Download AMQ Rev.#23 from Github
                ModDB release (with new screenshots!)

                Changelog Rev. #23
                > Added: (N)PCs
                [ID1] Shub-Niggurath by Tea Monster (skin by osjclatchford)
                [ROG] Minotaur Statue by osjclatchford (based on Chillo model)
                [ROG] Mummy by osjclatchford (based on Chillo model)
                [ROG] Ranger with CTF skin by osjclatchford (based on capnbubs model)

                > Added: Items
                [ID1] Biosuit by Tea Monster
                [ID1] Keycards by Tea Monster (skins by osjclatchford)
                [ID1] Ring of Shadows by osjclatchford (based on AD model)
                [HIP] Empathy Shield by Tea Monster (skin by Phredreeke)
                [HIP] Horn of Conjuring by Tea Monster
                [HIP] Wetsuit by Tea Monster
                [ROG] Anti-Grav Belt by Tea Monster (skin by Phredreeke)

                > Added: Props
                [ID1] Eyes by osjclatchford (based on HIP model)
                [ID1] Lava ball by osjclatchford (based on AD model)
                [ID1] Exploding boxes by Bloodshot (from Quake 1.5)
                [HIP] Lava rock by osjclatchford (based on AD model)
                [HIP] Proximity bomb by osjclatchford (based on AD model)
                [ROG] Fireball by osjclatchford (based on "Malice" model)

                > Update: Props
                [ID1] Gibs by Sock (from AD)
                [ID1] Torch/Flame by Chillo (skin edits by osjclatchford)

                > Update: Misc
                [ID1] Vore breasts removed by Tea Monster/osjclatchford
                [ID1] Model size optimizations for Ranger/Grunt head gibs and Vore
                [ROG] Lava nail by dwere (skin by osjclatchford)
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                Authentic Models Pack
                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                • god thats quite a lot of new content now I see it in a list!

                  oh, must jhust say, I'm pretty sure the nail model is deware's, not chillo's.
                  chillo did actually do nails but the model was more like a clout nail with thin spike and disc head.


                  • Possible. It's hard to keep track of who did what with this mix we have here sometimes.

                    In the meantime, someone over at the Func_Msgboard pointed out that the Quad and Pentagram from Lunaran's "Copper" mod are quite good and I gotta admit I agree. The Pentagram is definitely superior since it's completely curved and the Quad looks closer to the id1 model, with the "U" part still curved while the nail is square-shaped, with a smaller head. I can post example screens if needed.

                    (Copper also has a backpack model that's interesting, but while it has thicker pockets and curvier shoulder straps, the skin itself and also the way the entire rear part is made put it in second place after our replacement.)
                    Authentic Models Pack
                    OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                    LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                    • wow, thats a find and a half!
                      the quad and pent is great stuff. its that old arguement of nostalgia vs. 'what's good-looking' with a healthy slice of "what was it supposed to look like".
                      these two are perfect. I beleive that the boys at id would have made them like this if the hardware available to the target audience would have allowed it. I'd say they define the specification of this mod. great stuff and still so faithfull in a way that chillo's one is a just a near miss on with that overly round middle part (nail?) of the quad 'Q'...

                      backpack you have in the pack now is indeed abvsolutely more faithful than the copper mod one.

                      however the one from copper mod is what I'm now using. cos thats just real nice...

                      just discovered something. if you simply change an mdl's extention to bsp it can work.
                      I did it for the ammo models for cells nails and shells from arcane dimensions and it worked fine:
                      but perhaps its just these models. not tested it on anything else as yet...
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                      • Hm, sounds more like a hack... If TM can still do the plasma cells as real bsps, it should be better.
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                        OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                        LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                        • yes true it probably is but its food for thought if he or we get into trouble converting it. for all I know thats all they've always been, the same format with different extentions... but like yourself, I highly doubt that...

                          anyway, talking of hacks, Ive been playing around with the arcane dimensions ogre for about an hour now and have this to share:
                          I've rejigged the model to play its anims in the right sequence, however the walk and paine frames could use some work if anyone can help...
                          while I was at it ive removed the spiked pad from the shoulder and reskinned that arm to remove the resultant 't-shirt' like sleeve that was there...
                          quite authentic but needs some work on those anims for the more discerning quaker with an eye for such things. however I'm kinda stuck with this at this point so I'll leave it here for now and If anyone can solve those two little bugs, please do...

                          but to be honest i think I still prefer the chillo one with my skin. its got more polys and is smoother all round, plus the 'gun' matches the original more but options are always nice to have and this is the best place to post this really, so, yeah. have at it.
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                          • Funny you speak of the ogre. A Russian guy wrote me a message on ModDB talking about a "very good" ogre model, but also with broken animations. Gotta take a look. Maybe he got the capnbubs model somehow, who knows? LOL...

                            But yeah, judging from that screenshot, it looks pretty decent. Maybe Dr. TM can fix it up. Then with the DoE skin added (possibly upscaled), it can be a thing. I don't think it should have the same grenade launcher as the player does, though - even though it's a clever gimmick. But I am also fine with our current model. Took many edits to get there after all.

                            Regarding the Quad/Penta from Copper: I consider it a green light from your side to put those in, then. By now apparently people are puzzling their own version together from all the models that I replaced throughout the history of this pack. Preferences are very different. In the Func_Msgboard, it seems people prefer Bloodshot's Demon instead of our Chillo edit. Guess we'll never get everyone to like everything.
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                            • odd...Don't get that at all about the chillo demon. its a superior model to the bloodshot one. perhaps its because it's in ad that people are now used to looking at it? surpfan syndrome? like the brutal doom fans? I dunno. stylistically there's not much in it. the skins are both +/- equally good. but the chillo model is a much smoother shape and form imho...

                              as for the ogre, the gl was already moddeled on like that but could be altered I suppose.
                              as for the doe skin, Im certain i could knock one together with little effort...

                              was a 5 minutes job! LOL
                              doe_ogre.jpg you want me to tackle the look of the 'gun' with the skin?
                              should be just as easy...
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                              • Could be, but isn't this ogre kinda slim? Looks like he is on a diet or something, lol...
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                                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons