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  • yup, he's a gent alright...


    • Wow!


      • Two missing things that are still sticking out (more or less):

        1) SoA: Missing player model with Mjolnir
        SoA uses two models for the player, the default one from id1 (player.mdl) in case you are holding any weapon but the Mjolnir, and then a special one (playham.mdl) if you are wielding the Mjolnir. However, I think this is not a problem since you only see the player in the ending cutscene where he doesn't hold the hammer for sure. It's one of those "nice to have" things which we don't need at all costs.

        2) DoE: Missing zombie with "de-crucification" animation
        We cannot use Chillo's replacement model here since without the additional 10 frames, zombies wouldn't animate when coming off their crosses. This *IS* an issue since this forces us to use the default DoE zombie, which is low-poly.

        In the meantime, I successfully tracked down three nasty fullbright pixels on the zombie's mouth. Before I had already done the same for its head (it was full of them, like pimples, lol) and the Scrag before that. After a quick review of the monsters ingame, there shouldn't be any more models with this specific issue.

        I have also contacted Chillo on ModDB, asking for the Chthon, Vore and Zombie source files, hoping they can be used to make the necessary adjustments in an easier way.
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        • Also took care of something that had annoyed me since ages: The position of the SSG viewmodel.

          Before my adjustment (with r_viewmodel_quake 1):

          After my adjustment (x: +0.5, z: +1):

          And yes, I did it for all frames, not just the first one. QME is very powerful!
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          OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
          LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


          • thats how I did the shub...

            I never have this problem with the view models as I have my fov set to 110!
            but yeah, it looks bad in 90...
            this shows off more of my nice skin edits so I shant complain.

            but dont forget, its also down to the induvidual's engine and screen res that dictates where the model will end up. I've seen some very odd looking pics/vids out there of folks using the pak and getting very strange results with the view weapons...


            • Revision #25 has been released. Happy belated birthday, Quake!

              Get "id" from ModDB or directly via Github

              • Added:
                • Items
                  [ROG] Plasma cells by NightFright
              • Update:
                • NPCs
                  [ID1] Scrag: Fullbright pixels removed
                  [ID1] Shub-Niggurath: New breathing animation + tentacle position fix
                  [ID1] Vore: Choppy walking animation cycle fixed
                  [ID1] Zombie + headgib: Fullbright pixels removed
                • Weapons
                  [ID1] Super Shotgun view model repositioned (x-axis: +0.5, z-axis: +1)
                  [ID1] Muzzleflash for Grenade/Rocket Launcher by Seven
                  [ROG] Muzzleflash for Multi-Grenade/-Rocket Launcher by Seven
                • Items
                  [ID1] More details for ijed's health/ammo boxes by NightFright
                  [ID1] [ROG] Skin corrections for shell/nail/(multi-)rocket ammo boxes
                  [ROG] More details for lava nail/multi-rocket ammo boxes by NightFright
                • Props
                  [ID1] Replaced Exploding Boxes (renamed MDLs) with true BSPs, based on ijed's brush models (should fix warnings e.g. in Copper)
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              OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
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              • Well, looks like we finally found out where that "lost" Capnbubs Ogre went. It's in the new Quake re-release over on Steam now, lol. Just like that. Wouldn't be surprised if that's why Capnbubs vanished completely. Did they make him redo all the Quake models? Surely looks like it...

                Guess this project is over. TBH I dunno if I am supposed to be happy or pissed right now.
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                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                • I know... part of me thinks what a fucking complete and utter waste of our time, then I looked at some of their models... oh dear....
                  derp-face shambler, derp-face fiend... Might be worth it for getting some things but as for the whole lot? I think not. its very hit and miss from the pics i've seen today.
                  also not sure if that is actually the capnbubs ogre... perhaps an altered version of it?
                  put it this way, I have no intention of spending a single penny on a copy of something you and I have been working on for free.
                  I'd like to get a look at the models properly, sure, but, As I say, Im not spending a single coin on it. out of pure cussed-fuck-piggery...

                  I'll be looking into more today but so far, from what I've seen in the last hour, I think the skiffy shambler and chillo fiend are better for sure, and the shotgun model they're using is not as good as deware's one. some of it is the stuff we've been talking about recently. detail for the sake of detail, stuff that takes away more than it adds and keeps it from being the true enhanced vanilla experiance that you and I have strived for.
                  I personally prefer our sng and gl but the rl they are using is great!
                  the hellknight and ogre have my attention, I'd love to see their take on the vore too and of course that ogre looks great. (I still love the reskin of the chillo one we're using though. it has a more imposing form to me... perhaps I've just got too used to it)

                  BUT!! are the models even mdl format? or something new? also, if mdl what compatibility? surely not vanilla? not with all those added verticies? if so our mod still has its place. I use quakespasm. if I cant use the models on there then they're of no use to me. sounds haarsh, sure but thats due to my technical limitations of my old machine. something a lot of peole overlook. its not just for nostalgia. some of us CANT run new stuff for those reasons...

                  bitter? yeah sure.

                  bothered? I dunno. just irked noone told us to just wait and see first...
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                  • The models are in MD5 format. I don't know any other port which supports that. Maybe they did it like that in order to be able to switch between old and new models, or it was done to prevent ripping models so easily for usage in other projects. Just forget about using them in any way, anywhere. Then again, even if they had been MDLs, I wouldn't want to use a single one of them.

                    Anyway, we did our own thing in this project, and while not all entries are as advanced as we would like them to be, there's still a lot of stuff in this project which is superior to that re-release. I mean, those brush models for example are still plain boxes, just like in the original. While their weapon view models are kinda decent, many of them are VERY similar to ours (that Thunderbolt looks like they could have almost ripped it directly from dwere). I wouldn't say there's much that is clearly better, maybe the Ogre and Vore since those are rather our weak spots. But any of the Capnbubs models and skiffy's Shambler reign supreme, for sure! Not to speak of the awesome contributions Tea Monster provided. They'll never reach that quality level.

                    As far as I can tell after playing just two levels with this, this project still has legitimate reason to exist. Who knows, maybe they'll contact us one day and ask us to rip some stuff, lol.
                    Authentic Models Pack
                    OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                    LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                    • ah, thanks for letting me know NF! I'll forget those models. the rl , vore and ogre were the only real ones I was pondering but +/- as you say, fuck it!
                      our thing has "longer legs" so to speak; more compatibility, more emphasis on truer and more authentic nostalgic interpretaion and a hell of a lot of love in it!
                      and yes, your ammo boxes are a thing 'o' beauty! wonder why they left theirs so piss poor..? ah who cares.
                      After what you just said, looking back I feel remiss not to have mentioned TM in all this. his contributions have really made the bestiary full, after all! *slaps wrist*
                      hopefully he can forgive my lapse there!
                      well, what can I say as a parting shot?

                      It was all fun and games till someone loses an eye...


                      • i played it earlier a bit... the grunts in quake enhanced are very clearly just capnbub's models.

                        guess that explains why capnbubs suddenly went silent long ago, eh?


                        and yeah i noticed that too about the ammo&health.... quake enhanced has updated weapons, power-ups and enemies

                        ... but the ammo and health-boxes are all just the original bsp boxes with zero changes?! wat
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • I guess BSP models are kinda exotic, but learning how to do them is no rocket science. Even I was able to get into it after some video tutorials, and that means something. You don't have to worry about animation frames and model rigging here which makes it a lot simpler.

                          According to what some id guys say over at Doomworld, it took them one year for this remaster. Capnbubs vanished long before that, so I am not sure if it happened because he got involved. However, some of these models definitely look like his and they must have at least received permission to convert them to MD5. It really wouldn't surprise me if they got that Ogre the same way. There are still bugs with it btw since it's clipping into the floor after death. Maybe that's why Capnbubs never published it? Should be easy to fix, though. Still, we have to write it off for our project once and for all now, I guess. But well, with all the tweaks we applied, our Ogre ain't bad, either. It's not a highlight for sure and it has its flaws, but it's still ways better than the original.

                          Btw I offered to sponge from id that they can use our bsp models if they want, provided they credit ijed for the original remakes and myself for the overhaul. Let's see what happens.
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                          OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
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                          • just watched a before/after comparison of the monster and wepaon models on youtube.



                            review time:


                            player/grunts/dogs/ogre - yes.clearly based on capnbubs work an as such are rather nice.

                            zombie - is pretty good. chillos one just a bit behind it in authenticity

                            enforcer - is ok. on par with chillos (with our skin) I suppose.

                            knights - are ok rather faithfull, again, not much between ours and theirs

                            deathknights - very faithfull in form. chillos is equally good but the enhanced one is more authentic.

                            shambler - is a pure derpface, as is the demon. the skiffy and chillo ones we use (respectably) are better.

                            vore - great job. the teeth dont look half as derpy on this as on the demon and shambie. a good replacement thats just that bit bette rthan the chillo one.

                            fish - why bother. nothing in it really.

                            scrag - I prefer chillo's scrag to the enhanced one. dont ask why it just seems better to me.

                            oldone - tm's shub knocks the enhanced one into a cocked hat. better model form and anims all round (the skins good too but, lets not break my arm patting myself on the back eh?)


                            sg - ok I suppose. the deware one with the pumping is more faithfull imho and is better as such.

                            ssg - again, not much in this and the deware one with my skin. in truth ours is a little nicer as far as composition is concerned. I think the skin on ours 'fits' better.

                            ng - +/- on par with dewares. just a bit rounder hither and yon

                            sng - ours is miles better. the deware skin is tasty the enhanced one is a real washout. looks messy.

                            gl - theres is rounder, I'll give you that but I still prefer the plague one with my skin. their skin looks a bit too symetrical. bit copy/paste left to right mirroring going on. I think they decided to go a bit too far with the cylinfrical look that almost looks out of place in quake.

                            rl - a much superior model! best one of the pack imho. the plague one is ok but just a bit to squred off

                            lg - as with the gl this one is imho a bit too rounded off. dewares is more faithful as such.

                            just my two pennith...

                            not that it matters anyhow as its not like we can even use these models. bah I hate that engine-specific deal that theyve done. this kind of exclusivity goes right against the original id vision of access for all...
                            dont like that about some gzdoom exlusive content too...
                            grumble grumble...

                            cant help but wonder if its possible to convert these from md5 to mdl?
                            would be nice for the ogre if nothing else. but as you say. ours is kinda nice. a lot of time effort and love went into that on my part for sure...


                            • I dunno if a conversion from md5 to mdl is even possible. That's a considerable downgrade. Sure, the Ogre, Zombie, Vore and rocket launcher are nice and would be great additions to our project as well, but I think we gotta write them off.

                              However, maybe some crazy guy out there just wants to have these in regular Quake and might find a way to do conversions somehow, anyway. If it's possible, I am sure it wouldn't take long...
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                              OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                              LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                              • See if you like it: