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  • yup, he's a gent alright...


    • Wow!


      • Two missing things that are still sticking out (more or less):

        1) SoA: Missing player model with Mjolnir
        SoA uses two models for the player, the default one from id1 (player.mdl) in case you are holding any weapon but the Mjolnir, and then a special one (playham.mdl) if you are wielding the Mjolnir. However, I think this is not a problem since you only see the player in the ending cutscene where he doesn't hold the hammer for sure. It's one of those "nice to have" things which we don't need at all costs.

        2) DoE: Missing zombie with "de-crucification" animation
        We cannot use Chillo's replacement model here since without the additional 10 frames, zombies wouldn't animate when coming off their crosses. This *IS* an issue since this forces us to use the default DoE zombie, which is low-poly.

        In the meantime, I successfully tracked down three nasty fullbright pixels on the zombie's mouth. Before I had already done the same for its head (it was full of them, like pimples, lol) and the Scrag before that. After a quick review of the monsters ingame, there shouldn't be any more models with this specific issue.

        I have also contacted Chillo on ModDB, asking for the Chthon, Vore and Zombie source files, hoping they can be used to make the necessary adjustments in an easier way.
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        OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
        LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


        • Also took care of something that had annoyed me since ages: The position of the SSG viewmodel.

          Before my adjustment (with r_viewmodel_quake 1):

          After my adjustment (x: +0.5, z: +1):

          And yes, I did it for all frames, not just the first one. QME is very powerful!
          Authentic Models Pack
          OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
          LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


          • thats how I did the shub...

            I never have this problem with the view models as I have my fov set to 110!
            but yeah, it looks bad in 90...
            this shows off more of my nice skin edits so I shant complain.

            but dont forget, its also down to the induvidual's engine and screen res that dictates where the model will end up. I've seen some very odd looking pics/vids out there of folks using the pak and getting very strange results with the view weapons...


            • Revision #25 has been released. Happy belated birthday, Quake!

              Get "id" from ModDB or directly via Github

              • Added:
                • Items
                  [ROG] Plasma cells by NightFright
              • Update:
                • NPCs
                  [ID1] Scrag: Fullbright pixels removed
                  [ID1] Shub-Niggurath: New breathing animation + tentacle position fix
                  [ID1] Vore: Choppy walking animation cycle fixed
                  [ID1] Zombie + headgib: Fullbright pixels removed
                • Weapons
                  [ID1] Super Shotgun view model repositioned (x-axis: +0.5, z-axis: +1)
                  [ID1] Muzzleflash for Grenade/Rocket Launcher by Seven
                  [ROG] Muzzleflash for Multi-Grenade/-Rocket Launcher by Seven
                • Items
                  [ID1] More details for ijed's health/ammo boxes by NightFright
                  [ID1] [ROG] Skin corrections for shell/nail/(multi-)rocket ammo boxes
                  [ROG] More details for lava nail/multi-rocket ammo boxes by NightFright
                • Props
                  [ID1] Replaced Exploding Boxes (renamed MDLs) with true BSPs, based on ijed's brush models (should fix warnings e.g. in Copper)
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              Authentic Models Pack
              OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
              LIT/VIS files for Quake addons