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  • well in truth Id like to see all the models from the new remaster. you never know what can be done with this stuff, down the line on projects. as I say Its a great resource...

    as for the headgibs. the ones in this pack:
    I did cut them off the bodies of thier models.
    I also removed all the anim frames aside frame 1, making them static. I added the bloodtrail flag, and bingo, headgibs that match the models!
    turns out you can do more with qme than the limitations of the program initially allow. you have to be resourceful and think out of the box LOL!

    the other zip was models based on sock and chillos models

    right now I'm working on bloodier skins for the zombie and hellknight heads. ala the originals...

    will post them soon. I dont figure the shalrath needs blood as the original didnt really...
    but they are missing the bottoms.

    thats a model fix that someone else will have to do, if at all...

    also working on the demon face, the teeth on our current skin look abit pixely in a way that makes it look alittle ameteur, see here:

    brightened those almost black pixels between the pointy teeth. subtle but does a lot imho
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    • Alright, then. We just need to make sure we don't forget any variants, both for full models and headgibs, plus closing those holes at the bottoms.
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      • heres the new skins on the hk and zom hedz
        got both the new and original skins on them for your perusal as usual...

        Ive given up on the mummy for now. its a pigger... I may return to it... I may not.
        these skins are not easy to manipulate. the ogre was a bitch but the minotaur is even trickier... SIGH
        perhaps forget these afterall. unless you're happy to use chillos models for the mummy and minotaur and the others for id1. but I suspect that will play on your desire for continuity. funny this sort of thing my ocds can overlook but. yeah. its your call...

        perhaps I just need a break from it and return later...

        then again maybe not...


        • Since the Mummy is a separate model and doesn't affect the Zombie, we can just leave it as-is for now, no big deal. Anyway, we still cannot use the ID1 Zombie in DoE since we are missing the additional animations.

          With the Minotaur it's different since it's the Death Knight model (hknight) with a second skin, so we would have to keep using Chillo's model in DoE for the time being. It's still good and quite faithful, but it would still be better if we eventually managed to use the new model in this case.

          These recurring needs to do reskins of already finished models is indeed annoying, but now it would be for the last time for sure. We can take our time anyway, people will be busy playing the new port right now and find glitches. And there seem to be many.

          Great job as usual on those heads, btw! Again you pulled off something they didn't bother to do in the OFFICIAL port, with lots of time to get it done.
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          • thanks NF! I'll try to persevere with the minotaur then, but Ive had it with the mummy. it a complete bastard. And I hate it LOL
            its getting the bandages to line up on the edges when animating. it moves all the time. making it a cow-son...

            I dont use any special software so I'm limited on just drawing the skin in paint and then trial and erroring by importing it onto the skin and viewing it in qme (which is disturbingly low res too. which dont help) to see where the errors are and then try again and again to get it right. it sucks. its becoming a crapshoot to get looking good. it looks great on one frame then in the animation doesnt line up again. A COMPLETE GIT!
            well I had less trouble, but similar to some extent, with the tatoo on the doe ogre but I managed to get that where I wanted it in the end. but that was just one banding loop. the mummy is covered in 'stripes' and the model is cut up in a way that makes it much less intuetive than it was on the id model or the chillo one... sigh
            as for the minotaur. the bloody arms are going in a completely different direction/angle to the original, making it a bitch to port the classic artwork over without considerable re-drawing, pixel by pixel.
            (has to be that way or the pallette will go screwy.) AARGH!

            will keep you posted.

            just FYI I may (MAY! mind) have a way of converting the md5s to mdl with a bit of softwre I have to hand. A bud of mine has the new quake and Ive asked him to send me the models (well the pack0.pak to make it easyier for him) but hes not been back in touch yet since
            BTW Ive PMed you regarding this.


            • no. thats it Im done with the fucking minotaur.
              its definately no going to be coming from me.
              If I didnt know better Id say the new models/skins been designed and cut up in a way that makes 3rd party skinning from existing art deliberately hard to nigh-on impossible without professional modelling software.
              its pissing me off as I consider myself pretty good at this. this is making me feel like a complete noob at it.

              yah. shame but not a total disaster as the chillo one is a fair replacement. although I dont play doe i do use the chillo model with the minotaur skin included when playing Arcane Dimemsions as they do appear on some levels.
              same with lunerans knight. AD would be snookered without that model. I think there's about six skins for it in that mod!
              but again, even if I used the remaster skin in ID1 i'd still use the luneran one in AD. or the MP If I played It. I consider it a different game anyhow so why not use different models?
              yeah I know, thats a real cop-out but its the best I can do. its beat me this time and you've got to know when to stop before it stops being a fun challenge to do and starts becoming a thankless tiring grind with no end in sight...
              which it just has.

              well, as Ive said before:


              • Well, look at it this way: Nightdive guys didn't even bother touching the mission pack models at all. Maybe they will now after all, under the pressure of the community, and you may end up having your work cut out for ya.

                Thanks for trying, anyway. I know you did your best, like always!
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                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
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                • Hello osjclatchford,

                  How was your weekend?
                  I see there is a lot of talking going on here. You seemed to spend most of your weekend kneedeep in coloring and modeling...
                  That speaks for your enthusiasm. Its remarkable.
                  You only have to be careful with yourself. Enjoy the real world and hang out with friends. That is what counts in the end.

                  I did not read through all your posts. It seems you want some more models.
                  I have read very carefully your post about your comparism between the Quake Enhanced and your existing models.
                  And I converted exactly the ones you were asking for. I am glad you could download them and work on them.

                  If you want more, please write me or send me a PM, so that I know.
                  I would write a tutorial about how to convert from MD5 to MDL. Its really easy. Takes a few minutes. Every monkey can do it (believe me).
                  But as you know, I failed last time with my tutorial badly. The thing with:"Give a man a fish or show him fishing".
                  That was the time when the swelling went down. Good to see its up again

                  If you need any help or anything let me know. I am glad to help you.
                  I see you want to make your hands dirty. That needs to be supported.

                  Have a nice day (its night time already where I am) and take good care of yourself.

                  Best wishes,


                  • Seven ! yep night here too in the uk. will be going to bed after typing this.

                    yup busy busy busy. thats me! well quake wise anyway...
                    all my friends have since moved away and being unemployed has left me with a LOT of time to fill.
                    had flooding and other issues going on too so the real world is not all its cracked up to be sometimes and Im pretty sure my mrs is happy with me knee deep in pixel punching at the min as it keeps me worry ye not. I'm doing fine. you could even say, 'swell'!
                    this has been fun to get back into and its good to 'chew the fat' with like minded quakers too!

                    thanks again for sending those converted models over. its given me a hell of a good a start and after some minor research I too believe Ive found a sensible and potentially easy way to convert the models from md5 to mdl. we shall see on that front...
                    so yeah. plugging away at it and getting +/- ok results. just need to get my mits on whatever new md5's are in the enhance pack im currently outstanding.
                    its pretty much all of em minus the zombie, ogre, hellknight and rl of course, thanks be to yourself. and I wont need the soldier or dog either as Ive had those from this project all along...

                    if I get in trouble with the conversion, I'll give you a shout via the forums 'chat' thing is that what the PM's are called on here now? its very confusing...

                    yeah, I think I do simply need a break from these two skins at present. been at this since I heard about the new stuff and its been many hours with only meals, tolietries, chores and sleep in between...
                    Also,I stupidly(?) deleted all my WIP of the mummy and minotaur in a childish fit of pique with a cry of "I anint fucking doing this!" so I'll have to start from scratch but I think I'll get on with the other things (md5 conversions etc...) first. It might be better to start afresh anyhow...

                    I think I might attempt to make headgibs for all the new models (in the manner I have been, cutting the heads off and re skinning or using other 'close-enough' models (ogre head from sock's AD model) and then package the whole thing up as a "enhanced for quakespasm" mini-pack on its own.
                    might be worth doing... oh yeah. If I do this, it looks like I'll need a copy of that notice.txt if you got it to hand...
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                    • Took a look at the heads and they are good, ofc. I'm afraid you'll have to find a way to close those gaps at the model bottoms, though. There ARE situations in which you can see them, e.g. in maps with low gravity or when you are simply standing underneath the gibs flying festival and look up (can happen).
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                      OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                      LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                      • well thats out of my hands. a job for more skilled hands with actual modelling ability methinks... they're good enough for me so I've included them in the following project of my own:

                        all the monsters and weapons from remaster are in there. including the zombie, shalrath, etc you've already seen so far.

                        having looked at the models again I can say that none of the weapons are worth having other than the rl.
                        dunno if its the new engine or whatever but they dont look as good in quakespasm to me.
                        is it the kex engine doing something to the view weapons perhaps? I dunno. seems real odd. the sg seems the same but the ssg looks terrible...
                        I'll have another look at that one and see I think...

                        I have actually improved the gl's skin to look less overtly symetrical (the scratches etc). but I still prefer ours.

                        the ssg is a good example, looks terrible next to the deware one imho... but didnt look anywhere near as bad in the previews.
                        perhaps its the result of the conversion. I dont think so though as the other models look fine... will look into this

                        so, stuff worth at least considering for the amq:

                        enforcer - really is much better than chillo's. a perfect match for the capnbubs grunts. just check out the pockets on the trou etc!

                        fish - straight up improvement. actual mouth etc... lovely

                        tarbaby - yes the spawn! its a new model. and it aint haf bad at all! I totally forgot about these!

                        scrag? - not much in it between this and chillos but this one has a much smoother skin transition btween the front/back 'seam' of the model. its an invisible join on this. chillos is quite clunky in comparison.

                        demon? - erm. not sure on this down to the slightly slack jawed idle frame alone but it does seem less derpy to me now. it is a better model in truth and the anims are great but perhaps Ive just been looking at it too long. put it this way, when its prowling, running, attacking or leaping it looks bad-ass...

                        knight? - again, still on the fence. the model and skin are very nicely detailed, a perfect match for the new hellknight but I still think lunerans anims are nicer... I really cant say on this 'un... Im personally using this in id1 and the luneran in ad and mp2 and all that... thats my compromise... but that might change back over time...

                        the shambler and oldone are a definiate no to me. just based on how good our current models/skins are alone.
                        the oldone has a lot of odd sinuey stuff added that look more like errors than the feature's they're supposed to be. the anims are no match for tm's anyhow.
                        the derp shambler just makes me sadder each time I see it...
                        its like a big sad mutant teddy bear wanting hugs...
                        whereas skiffy's is a seething mass of anger and muscle just itching to throw the beat-down on you...

                        new stuff created by me (you've not seen yet) include,
                        knight headgib
                        enforcer headgib

                        done as the others with bloodied skins to match the original headgib models:

                        so, busy day...


                        • "having looked at the models again I can say that none of the weapons are worth having other than the rl.
                          dunno if its the new engine or whatever but they dont look as good in quakespasm to me.
                          is it the kex engine doing something to the view weapons perhaps? I dunno. seems real odd. the sg seems the same but the ssg looks terrible...
                          I'll have another look at that one and see I think...

                          re this, I can confirm its the conversion thats 'dumbing down' the models, shame. but there it is.
                          unless I'm mistaken, its not affecting the monsters, just the weapons as I think they are modelled just that bit more detailed and higher poly due to the proximity to the player's view plane.
                          as such the converted guns are less round and, more often than not, end up looking worse than the deware ones, which I actually think is funny...
                          I think the monsters have translated ok. dont seem bad at all to me. I'm using Noesis to convert the models.
                          perhaps thats not the way to do it? I dunno. seems to be a damn good result considering the potential resolution of md5 compared to mdl

                          seven's rl rip seemed spot on so I tried that one too and it came out just as good (exactly the same, in fact) as his so I suppose its just that ssg model's specific geometry that gets particularly lost in the conversion.
                          gl is s bit 'crunchy' too looking at it now the regualr sg seems fine...
                          sng is a pretty round, still and the nailgun is hard to tell as its pretty square on most of it anyhow, but the middle looks nice and round. the lightning-gun is rounder than dewares but not as round as the md5? i dunno cant tell without proper before/after shots so I guess its just natural poly loss as part of the conversion...

                          just strange that the monsters seem un-hindered by it... perhaps they are low enough to start with or perhaps its so subtle that I've just not noticed it...

                          what say you?
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                          • We are on the same page, especially regarding the weapons. Our GL has edges, but does it have to be round? Not really. Also: By keeping it, we make sure our SoA Prox Mine Launcher still fits.

                            I think we can also take the Demon, Enforcer, Scrag and Rotfish. The Tarbaby can be added under the condition we get a DoE Hellspawn skin for it (which should be a piece of cake since it's a pure recoloring job).

                            Already in besides the Ogre:
                            - Death Knight (DoE uses Chillo unless we get the Minotaur Statue skin + headgib)
                            - Zombie (Mummy in DoE is still Chillo)
                            - Vore

                            I wouldn't change the Knight (also because of DoE skins), Shambler and Shub.

                            Remaining questions:
                            - Is the new Chthon suited for a Lavaman reskin?
                            - Can we haz a Hellspawn skin for the Tarbabeh? It's green!
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                            • yeah since that post Ive already gone back to lunerans knight. its great and the animation is gorgeous. really nice understated model that retains more of the authenticity with less detail.
                              I love it! LOL

                              the gl is not an improvement over ours. ours is almost a subtle not to the limitations of the original model. turning those limits into a design feature can sometimes be a nice nostalgic easter-egg of sorts. not always but sometimes. this is one of those occasions. the 'round' one stands out to me as almost trying too hard.
                              our one actually look like the rear and barrel are round and that they are encased in a square section that shrouds the centre barrel section like a foregrip on an assault-rifle. alongside our proxgun it makes it look like the proxgun is the same weapon but without the squared-off shroud and with a red barrel instead of blue...
                              I dunno really but I put a hell of a lot of work into it too. adding false perspective round parts, studded details and an under-barrel that matches the deware supernailgun's colour/texture.

                              I feel the same about the other weapons.
                              the thunderbolt (and even the nailgun) should look clunky and chunky n my mind. they are fantastical, archaic, brutal weapons that look more nostalgic when they're a bit chunky. the sg, ssg and sng need to look round on the barrel parts as they were always supposed to be but the other stuff is open to interpretation and as fat as this project goes. authenticity comes first.
                              the new axe is also no enhancement after conversion. the arm/hand has lost many polies so any advantage in detail ont he blade/shaft is lost on a chunky arm. making deware's the weapon-of-choice (pun intended)

                              have to say off the bat, I'm not even going to attempt a lavaman. just after one look at that chthon skin. its all in bits. I'd just never be able to line up all the lava texture properly. plus he has 'embossed'/3d teeth, is making his face unusable anyway...

                              but heres your tarbaby: you dont need the one with all the eyes (is that waht they are?) too do you? Ive no idea about these. never seen them as you know I dont play doe so I'm relying on your info for that...

                              just FYI, Im personally not using the new tarbaby. something about its idle frame is just too different to the id1 model for me... look at them side by side and you'll see what I mean...
                              I mean, its a blob. I figure it hasnt got to be too detailed anyway


                              • I gotta say, the Kex Tarbaby is really almost identical to the original, and it's usually jumping around like crazy anyway, so it's hard to check it out from close unless you are invisible. However, it would be the only monster we don't replace if the Rotfish is added, so what the heck.

                                But no, that multi-eye Hellspawn is a variant which never appears ingame, you can forget about it.

                                Should we use the new Chthon then or not? I don't think the official one is a big improvement over ours...

                                In the Func_Msgboard there is some interest regarding the conversion process and potential loss of detail or animation quality.
                                Authentic Models Pack
                                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons