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  • yeah, I had it positioned like the original id1 one at first but it looked real odd in-game.
    Its down to sock's model being designed to be viewed as it is ont he grunt one.
    let me have a tinker and I'll see what I can do... I managed ok with the zombie headgib so, lets see...

    heres version 2.
    changes to the scale, position and tweaked the skin a bit so the teeth and nose look better...
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    • So I guess we can put a big checkmark on that head now. Well done!

      (For some reason, this head will sink into the floor too much when used as floor decal at the beginning of OUM4 (in "Operation Urth Majik"). Then again, when testing with the original model, this one apparently wasn't placed properly in the first place since its rotation is off, so I think it's rather a mapping issue.)
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