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  • Hey! Signs of life, excellent!
    Great to see you are still doing stuff. Need to check out Nail & Crescent. Q1 in Q2 RTX looks really interesting, even though I don't have any RTX hardware, I'm afraid.

    There's still stuff left to do for the AMP, so if you ever feel like doing something for us again, we'll find something. Even though most of the easy stuff is done by now...
    Authentic Models Pack
    OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
    LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


    • found out about libre quake today. so I had a peek and found a useable model in it.


      I worked the skin somewhat to remove the grey parts and make them all the lovely quake grenade brown tinge and add even some elements of the original id1 grenade skin details to it while I was at it. I also redid the glow around the body and added the red glow to the back.
      Of course, it also had to be rescaled to match the size of the id original as much as possible.
      not sure if NF wants it for the AMQ but, I thought this was the only place worth sharing it nonetheless.
      Put it this way, I'm using it form now on as I think its great, I just thought someone else might want it.

      was real fun to dive back into quake mdls/skins again! damn but its been a while!

      get it here:
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