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  • capnbubs
    started a topic Authentic Model Improvement

    Authentic Model Improvement

    Update 21/03/2013: Player model added to pack.

    Current Features:

    Player - New model, texture and animations.

    Dog - New model, texture and animations. New head gib.

    Grunt - New model, texture and animations.

    For Modders:

    Complete .blend files included.
    UV maps for new textures included in high resolution.


    Authentic Models Pack

    After playing around with Quake for a bit the past few days I decided that the models could do with a bit of improving.

    I decided to start by attempting to update the Grunt. I really like the original aesthetic of quake so I worked with the original texture and rebuilt the model from the ground up. I'm also working with the original .mdl format so these will work even in vanilla Quake.
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  • NightFright
    I am afraid there are no source files as far as I know. We don't have anything besides the actual mdls. Tea Monster might have the sources for his models he provided, though.

    osjclatchford and Tea Monster
    Any progress in the meantime? I have found that the Zombie head (h_zombie) apparently also has fullbright pixels in the blood pixels I added retroactively. Maybe that can be fixed with a proper skin conversion to the Q1 palette?


    Besides that, I would at least like to have the fix for the Vore walking cycle + the Shub tentacle fix before doing another release.
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  • NashMuhandes
    Hello, can I get a link to the source Blender files, if they do exist? Just joined and it's a bit overwhelming to read all 67 pages of this. Thanks in advance!

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  • osjclatchford
    yeah, Id say the way its calculated its crap tbh as my ranking has dropped to the low 2,000's since yesterday... meh...

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  • NightFright
    TBH I don't know how that ranking is calculated. It might not be that great after all. Looks good, though!

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  • osjclatchford
    wow! that is kinda good.
    I never noticed that ranking thing before.

    I just discovered my own zdoom mod, major crisis is #520 of 45,080!? isn't that in +/- the top 2%? that surely cant be right... must just be because its been on there a long while and I update it a LOT!
    brutal doom is #2! LOL no surprise there!

    arcane dimensions is #369... thats fair I suppose I expected it to be higher...

    shame that my quake mod for heretic, descent into heresy is only #11,224... no love for quake themed zdoom engine mods it seems... lol

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  • NightFright
    It seems by now this project is ranked #2.097 of 45.079 on Mod DB. That's quite good, especially considering the first upload just happened almost four months ago.

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  • webangel
    Tea Monster If you find the time please make a new highpoly model

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  • Tea Monster
    Stop apologising. You haven't done anything wrong. I am actually really busy. I have two commissions on at the same time and I don't have time to watch movies, let alone get anything else done. When they are done, I don't mind helping out. I wasn't lying about that. I am honestly stupid busy.

    When at least one of the projects is done, I'll fix the tentacle animations and look at that stuff Chillo posted. I started to rig that Ogre and although I need to tweak the rig, it's going well.

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  • NightFright
    Well, it's nothing personal against Seven or anybody else regarding that matter. I just have problems with that kind of attitude in general. If I hurt someone's feelings, I am genuinely sorry and offer my sincere apologies. At least I hope it's somewhat understandable why I am thinking that way, and obviously I am not the only one.

    Maybe we get at least the Vore walking animation fixed with Chillo's tool, possibly even the idle animation (if it works also with our custom models).

    @ Seven
    Thanks for the missing RL model update. You wouldn't have needed to do the Multi-Rocket Launcher as well, I would have been able to pull that off on my own. But thanks for that, anyway. We will go for the 480px skins to play it safe - dunno if all ports out there can handle higher resolutions.

    @ TM
    Since you have the source file for Shub, maybe you could at least take a look at those tentacle frames as indicated in the to-do list? Also, there are still some original models pending if you don't like to temper with existing ones. Did you get any further with the BSP plasma cells from DoE, for example? I think you had posted a preview of those earlier on.
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  • Tea Monster
    Hello. Sorry I've not been active here as I have some commissions I'm taking care of which have taken up pretty much all my time.

    Also, to be honest, Although I love Quake, fixing other people's stuff isn't going to be a priority for myself. I'll help out here and there when I can do as I like helping the community when I've got time, but I'm more high-poly sculpted critters anyway.

    I do bring some good news though.

    Chillo has posted a tweet where he says he has managed to back-engineer skeletons into the original id software monsters.

    This should be right up your street, as you can recreate the skeleton on the original id software mesh, fudge about with the model to improve it then just export the new mesh with the old animations intact. Also, if you want to add new animations, it should be relatively easy for any of the original id monsters.

    To add to what Seven said:

    The project is dependent on wandering modellers appearing and helping out. Quake one is pretty dead for just about all Quake modding. Even their discord is aimed mostly at multiplayer matchups. I was surprised when I found out that Quake modelling was 'dead'. I found out that it isn't really, you just have to look around. One of my current commissions even has a Quake angle to it. There are several discord servers appealing to Quake mapping and a few of them have modellers dotted around here and there.

    If you really want to finish this project, I think that one of you is going to have to bite the bullet and learn some of this. If you don't want to learn it, then fine, but otherwise you are going to be waiting around for someone else to get stuff done for you. On a range of difficulty between (as an example) an oil change on a lawn mower and building your own F1 racer, most of what you need to do to complete your project is much more akin to the oil change. I really wanted to make game art for ages. I kept telling myself that I was going to learn to do it one day and for ages I didn't for a variety of reasons. Then, one day I realised that if I wanted all the stuff in my head to come out onto a monitor to be played, I had to step in and help it out myself. I had to sit down and get my hands dirty with a copy of the Blender manual and learn how to do this stuff if I was going to realise my dream. It's not the first time that I've waited in vain for someone to make something I wanted and realised that I had to do it myself. This isn't me saying "Do it yourself". I'm just saying that if you really want this done, and there is nobody else available, then there are few other options.

    The only other option is to travel further afield on the great interwebz, join a few discord servers, lurk around and see if you can hook up with someone who shares your interests. There are a lot of people interested in Quake out there, they just aren't here.

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  • Seven
    Hello Nightfright and osjclatchford,

    Wow, that was unexpected.
    This is Quake. Its a game. Nothing serious.

    This is the forum. A dead forum for some years now.
    I do not visit here every hour.
    I wrote a tutorial for people like you, who are burning for this game, to get better and to continue their education.

    After my next visit, I see a drama going on here.
    ... speaking about "forwarding a torch"
    ... speaking about a "dead place"
    ... speaking about "swellings"

    We are still talking about a tiny muzzle flash here, arent we ?
    Not about who won the election or if covid will bring us all down.

    I like your enthusiasm, but you seem to got a little too deep here.
    That almost makes me scared.

    Adding an existing muzzle flash to a weapon has nothing to do with modeling.
    You open a file in a program, click on a button and save it. Thats all !

    Just like exchanging a skin in QME, what you all did a dozens of times.
    And never complaint about...

    Now, before someone gets hurt or whatever, I will of course help you.
    And no, I do not plan to pass a torch (which went out years ago by the way)

    Relax, guys. Its weekend and we all should enjoy it.
    I will come back to you with the files you seek a little later today.

    Best wishes,



    OK, here are the weapons with muzzle flashes, that you asked for:

    I made different versions, so it can be used in a wider variety of engines:

    1.) texture size as before (>512)
    2.) texture size max. 480

    I put some efforts into the weapon texture resizing so that the difference / visuals are as minimal as possible between 480 and their orig size.
    Also the ROGUE multi-weapons are included. In 2 different sizes as well so that you do not need to use the QME modeling tool.

    I didnt use the original ID1 muzzle flashes for the rocket launchers because it bugs out and is visible besides the weapon
    while moving forward and backward. Its due to its size increase between animation frames is larger that the weapon shaft.
    The alternative muzzle flash I used doesnt do this. I shaped it up a tiny little bit in size.

    I hope you like them:

    Screenshot from grenade launcher is in this post snap23148.jpg

    snap23151.jpg snap23152.jpg
    Last edited by Seven; 03-13-2021, 07:13 AM.

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  • NightFright
    I have faith in TM. If he takes more time it's ok, we are not on the clock here. IMO it's just unnecessary that rather "simple" modifications (before anybody writes: "If it's simple, why don't you do it by yourself?" - I mean: simple if you are used to handling models) get delayed due to... well, we know what.

    We could now open the next can of worms with "You just don't want to learn new things", but that's a shoe I refuse to wear. Yes, there IS stuff I refuse to learn because I know I will never do it again after I am done with it. In school you don't have a choice, but here you do.

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  • osjclatchford

    as you say, yeah, you did it, but only because no-one else would. but its not something you enjoy. so why punish yourself?
    also the whole 'passing the torch' thing is purest cringe... as if any of this is important enough to warrant such extravagance an/or pomp, eh? LOL

    well, its finally reached its end it seems... has been swell, but the swelling's gone done now...

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  • NightFright
    I understand the community base is small and some people around here are on some sort of mission to enforce self-training of their potential successors once they retreat (or so it seems, at least). However, that's not how it works and usually backfires, resulting in folks searching for help leaving fast after getting the DIY treatment.

    I have allowed myself to give in to this questionable strategy once again with the Shrak QuakeC code fixing project, and I was barely able to pull it off. But! It did NOT motivate me to keep doing QuakeC coding after I was done. So yeah, this "procedure" just won't work with me any more.

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