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A first person shooter dream....

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  • A first person shooter dream....

    Okay I had this dream that my brother got an Xbox and a copy of Halo 2. So I asked, "Why didn't you get the first Halo?", and he was like, "I dunno. Let's play!"

    So we play this wierd team match. I was blue and he was red. On top of that, we each had two CPU players on our side. Well apparently his CPU players were better than mine because they kept killing mine so I had to run off on my own. I think I got him a few times, but he was constantly killing and hunting me. Oh, and the scenery....think of a battle in a city ravished by World War 2. You know, a lot of broken buildings, potholes, trenches, and mist everywhere on a cloudy day. Yeah, that kind of thing.

    The best part, though, was in the middle of the match a big war broke out - a whole bunch of red soldiers against a whole bunch of blue soldiers. The blues helped me out while the reds were trying to kill me. Anyway, I woke up just after the fight broke out. The last thing I remember was that my bro and his two CPUs were using sniper rifles with lasers on them, and they were trying to find me.

    So I wake up and am like, " brother doesn't have an Xbox."

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    hehe...that's pretty funny!:d

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      BAH, I hate when dreams like that happen. You think its all real and stuff but when you wake up its like, "aww... damnit!!"