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    I think that this is a very important issue because it links first-person shooters to war...

    Is it safe for war veterans to play first-person shooters?

    Quite a number of war veterans experience war trauma when they return home. (It's all over the news.) For example, when some war veterans return home from the Middle East, they still have images of war stuck in their heads. They think that everything is a war-zone. If they played first-person shooters, would they become insane?

    But wait a minute... Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe doctors are telling them that they must play first-person shooters. They have a lot of adrenaline in their systems. If they played first-person shooters, this could normalize their condition.

    So is it safe for war veterans to play DM, CTF, etc.? Do you know someone who has served in the army?
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    Everything you said in both directions is true. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. A lot of these recent FPS games are incredibly realistic. There is no reason to believe that a video game explosion is going to effect all vets in the same way.


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        Let's recruit the veterans fok


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          the best way to stop ptsd is to not send our boys to war. The risks of not being able to play quake after is just not worth it!


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            It's totally safe to send people to war, and have them be turned into shivering wrecks, but the safety of playing FPS afterwars is a serious question.

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              Everybody handles things differently, all depends on the person, assuming everything or anything could potentially cause a sensory reaction, with or without a method to madness, this could be true.. So a mental evaluation to know where they are with everything should help them understand what is good or bad for them.. But if they are unstable and stubborn then tell them like a liquor or pill bottle does... use with caution, and play responsibly.