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    If you could meet anyone here in person, who would it be and why?

    For me it would be golden_boy. I always enjoy talking with him and I believe that in person I could learn so much more from him, much faster.

    If I had to choose a second person it would be a toss up between KillPixel and Bluntz. Both of those guys seem to be "my kind of people" for their own reasons and I just think it would be fun.

    However, I don't want others to feel left out. This is just my top 3. I could name quite a few people here that I think it would be cool to meet. You're even probably one of them, maybe.


    Oh wait, if I could meet anyone here in order to change their life, it would be Mindz. I would rip him off the couch, get the ball rolling to get his back fixed and put a working man back in him. He would hate my guts for a while and by the end of it be thanking me emphatically.
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    It is without a doubt Spike.

    What would we all be without him and his work/tools ?
    We would still sit in front of our computers like this:

    I remember to read between his lines in one post he made, that he is/was a math´s teacher.
    I wonder which kind of teacher he is.

    Maybe like this:

    Or more like this:

    But I bet he is someone like this:


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      i would be down to party with all of you... but if i had to pick just one i would say talisa couse it would be funny to see her and my wife geek out on my little pony's.


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        This isn't a knock against any of you, know that

        Once... a really long time ago(internet years here mind you), when Q3A was big... My RL friend "dogmatic" and I(damage_inc) actually met up with some guys that we played Q3A with EVERY night...

        It was so... AWKWARD! We were like "Damn, they seemed so cool playing Quake!" We were mystified on how we just had nothing in common with any of 'em except for playing Q3A. Having a few beers and some grub should be easy right?! We couldn't wait to get the hell out of there...

        Anyway, sure... I love to meet and chat with some of you peeps hahahahaha
        Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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          you didn't answer the question... who and why?


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            lol JD

            also yeah thats mostly a prob when you get to know people who you have one thing in common with like playing quake, or like being fans of mlp. that when you get to know each other you often find out you have nothing in common except for that


            for me personally, who id wanna meet most... would be seven
            he has done so insanely much for quake, and he's one of the most active and talented coders in quake. without much of his amazing work quake would be way less awesome then it is nowadays with his amazing SMC mod and his shaders and such. and he just keeps going on and on adding even more awesome and amazing features to quake, and whenever i come up with yet another crazy idea for a cool feature he always makes it work in quake in no-time. id say he is without a doubt one of the most talented coders in the quake-community, and his amazing works helped keep quake alive and made it million time more awesome then the game originally already was
            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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              also yeah thats mostly a prob when you get to know people who you have one thing in common with like playing quake
              I break a lot of molds. I'm the Quaker that doesn't Quake, but does... If that makes any sense. I probably don't even actually belong here, but I have no intention of leaving. In that, the only thing I have to bring to the table here is ME. I put all of myself into everything I do so, all of myself has been put here many times over....

              That is all the preface for the fact that, the ONLY difference that would be accomplished by meeting me in person, would be that you would then know what I look like and my "mini stories" would be far more entertaining.

              Maybe I would even bring you to the 120,000 sqft warehouse that I live in. I live in a Quake map...and that's real. I even have a Vore. It's a GIGANTIC white owl that was here long before me and at night it makes the most horrifying noises. SCREEEEE. I love it. I told you my life could be a movie, and none of this is a joke.


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                I'd wanna meet P9. Seems like a good guy to be friends with.


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                  Here in DFW, in Richardson, we have a place called Shadow Lan. It's basically an arcade, except instead of arcade games, the place is filed with 30-something rather nice computers, all linked together. We could host a LAN party there, call it Quakeonecon


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                    r00k, mindz, bluntz.

                    r00k for the simple fact he has a unique personality, got to love a good drinkin buddy..
                    mindz because he's laid back and would just be stoned out of his mind. would enjoy hearing some of his good quake stories.
                    bluntz well fuck, i talk to him on the phone here and there but would be interesting to meet up with him. We both enjoy quake, trucking, and politics, so would be interesting to have these 3 guys in the same area to see where it could lead as far as a conversation goes.. I have a multi personality so i should have no issues fitting in..