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The best lie you ever told someone... (Did it work?)

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  • The best lie you ever told someone... (Did it work?)

    What was the best lie you ever told someone?

    My girlfriend said that she was interested in Pakistani culture and music. I went online and I printed out some images of Pakistani places. I did some internet research on Pakistani culture. I told my girlfriend that I went to Pakistan for vacation and I showed her the pictures. I told her that I enjoyed Pakistani food. She actually believed me.
    "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)

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    Originally posted by Planetnine
    I never tell lies.
    [ame=]Zim's Lies - YouTube[/ame]
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      Here is a truth-lie riddle:

      Suppose there are twin brothers, one which always tells the truth and one which always lies. What one yes-no question could you ask to either one of the brothers to figure out which one he is?

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      Btw PlanetNine, I see what you did here! Nice!


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        Is that your brother.... What do i win?


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          the question: "Is the other guy your twin?"

          too simple.

          edit: Crap. I have my posts display as newest first. I didn't see JD's response.