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Cure for Canker Sores

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  • Cure for Canker Sores

    I have a tendency of getting canker sores. They prevent me to eat, talk, and brush my teeth. I have to rely on numbing solutions to reduce the pain but does not last long.

    But if any of you gets canker sores from time to time, listen to this. Alum is your answer and you can get it from the spices section in any grocery store. This type of spice is like salt but sour to the taste.

    What you need is (of course) alum, a q-tip, and water. First, dab some water on the q-tip so the alum can easily stick to the tip but don't get the tip soaked, just a tad wet. Second, stir the wet side tip in the alum bottle to cover the tip. Finally third, place the tip on the sore for 1 minute. A word of warning though, it will sting much but getting the sore when it first started won't hurt much. After a minute hold your mouth open to give it some air; your saliva may wash it off but it's at least what I think.

    It may work on the first time, but if you need to treat it more then do it once a day. If you apply it too many times then it may burn a hole through it. However if you need to apply it again, then wait for a few hours like brushing your teeth every morning and night.

    So there you have it.
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    Homeopathic coolness!
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      Poor ed boy, but I'm glad this worked for you.
      I am like a stray dog, lost in between what I do and what I should do.
      But sometimes, all you need is Imagination.


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        i usually just lick my finger pour salt on it , touch my sore. done.

        but like he said
        stick a lip out let it dry with the salt ||


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          there are probably meds to suppress herpes simplex 1