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  • fellow ex-quaker = homeless

    Tonight My wife and I went out to dinner at longhorn steakhouse in Port St.lucie, FL. After leaving the restaurant we headed over to target to grab a few thing's for the road tomorrow. When I drive my corvette I always park it way out in the parking lot in hope's that no one hits it. As I exited the vehicle I was approached by a decently dressed guy who asked if we had a heart in us and could possibly put him in a cheap hotel so he can shower, shave and get a good night's rest. I told him I would discuss it with my wife while we shopped and that if he hung around I would give him a yes or no answer. As we were leaving I seen him sitting on the curb near my car and I kept my word and told him that I would pay for a hotel but he would have to walk to the hotel and I would pay for it with my credit card. He agreed. The nearest hotel is a 1/2 mile away and the hotel cost was $139 per night. It costed me $158.76 after taxes and fee's. Anyway for some reason I decided to wait until the guy got there because I wanted to get his name and even order him some pizza from Domino's which is nearby as well. Since this is on my card and they keep it on file for 24 hours in case of damages or theft of room items I wanted to make sure that he was not going to ransack the room and I even told the desk chick he could NOT charge my card for anything. I spent 40 minutes talking to this guy to find out why he was homeless, and believe this or not the story is below.

    The guy's name is Harold Gutherie, He is from Joplin, MO and he told me the reason he was temporarily homeless. He said in 2006 his wife got cancer and financially it drained them with medical expenses, His mom also had cancer in remission. After his wife passed away he went to move into his mom's house because of the foreclosure. He and his wife of 6 year's had no kids. in November 2014 his mom's cancer exploded and she passed away in late November. The home she lived in was in a trust and the lawyer who held the trust was the beneficiary of the trust and will. The lawyer in return put the house on the market and kicked the son to the curb in mid December. Now Harold had a job working as a 'Process Server' for a private company out of Joplin, MO. On December 20th his job laid him off only 8 day's after he was evicted from his mother's home. He has traveled from Missouri to Florida to stay with friend's who live in Fort Lauderdale '100 miles south of Port St. Lucie). Interesting story for sure. Now you know when you talk to people thing's go from one thing to the next. Here is the incredible part and I believe it was god sent. We were talking about all sorts of things and he mentioned that he played computer games year's ago and last played in 2000-2001. His all time favorite game is QUAKE, and he told me he use to play on Cafe Quake and Netdoor under the name 'Jumper'. This is when he went to college for his engineering degree. I'm telling you this is a small world and it's a weird one to meet someone who is down on their luck and an EX-Quake player. He said he remember's some people and of course two of my old clan mates [NP]-Poppy**** and [NP]-Neptune. I never gave him money, He said his friends are living paycheck to paycheck and could not help him out so he hitchhiked all the way here and they will be picking him up in the afternoon tomorrow.

    Helping someone is not always my thing. But together we can all pay it forward one time or another.

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    @wicked_lord This is a terrific story. I know what you mean. It is hard to know if you can trust someone that comes up to you like that. But helping out like that was a terrific thing you did. I usually know when someone is scamming me by turning things around. If they ask for money for a cab I say, "Where ya heading? I'll take you" or if they ask for money for food I say "Hey, I'll take you to the Waffle House if you want?". I have helped people when they pass that test. I never just blindly give anyone money. It just isn't a good idea. You did a great thing and were smart about it. It truly is a small world though. I have often meet interesting people while driving over the road. Its amazing who you meet. Finding a fellow Quaker tho is a new one. Haven't had that happen to me yet. Thanks again for the great story and kind gesture!


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      That was very kind.

      It's good to hear an uplifting tale at a time when the world has so much grief.

      Good on ya, mate!
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        wow! I remember posting once or twice about my charity instances and your replies were indicative of someone that wasn't privvy to blindly giving away money. I'm super-duper proud of you, Steve. From 0 to 160 is a big jump. Watch, you are going to get every dime back in spades some kind of way. Maybe your health or vehicle insurance will go down, maybe you'll get a raise... who knows. All I do know is, you paid it forward like a boss and unless you've done some incredibly terrible things in your life you can bet you will be rewarded.


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          Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          All I do know is, you paid it forward like a boss and unless you've done some incredibly terrible things in your life you can bet you will be rewarded.
          I got married does that count for 'incredibly terrible'?

          I help out when I can, I just do not ever give out money to anyone.


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            That's a cool story and very nice of you to help a fellow human and quaker out!


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              Sad story on his part.
              I can only say this to you ,respect man !
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                I've payed it forward a few times at the drive-thru but you stepped up in a big way. Good for you, kind sir! You made the world a better place.
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                  Wicked_Lord, I have purchased the occasional meal for someone (I never give cash, figuring it will become instant alcohol) or a lift here or there.... but never done something of the magnitude and generosity you describe in your post.

                  you have really pushed me into some introspective thinking and reflecting on the nature of bad luck and good fortune.

                  Thank you for sharing your story.


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                    @married = incredibly terrible thing you did - lol, nah man, that doesn't qualify.

                    But look at the other thing that happens when you help people. People that werent even the person that you helped are moved/inspired/reflective from just the story. I don't think I've given away quite as much as you did in one pop, but I've gifted thousands accumulatively. I also have a bullshit job for bullshit money.... am in NO debt and suffer for nothing. I've been living like a king on pennies and karma for quite a long while. You make substantially more than I do. You could own a small city with the level of giving you could afford.

                    I just recently got some payback for my good deeds. I wanted a very old and gigantic framed map of the world. I did some research for materials and it was going to cost almost 1000. I mentioned it to my father which mentioned it to my uncle and between the 2 of them I got what I want for nothing. I'd like to add that they spent next to nothing as well. It was just this random chain of events that all started with me simply speaking what I want.

                    Some under-a-bridge dweller is probably gonna catch me at a light soon. Imma give him/her 50 bucks and consider it "map paid"

                    You ever notice that the majority of those that are well off give plenty.of their money to charities/causes? I know there are tax reasons behind this but that doesn't mean that's the reason in their heart. I noticed this long ago and also noticed that these people generally stay "well-off". I've applied their system on a smaller and more personal scale and I stay above poverty level (lol) sometimes even leaning towards lower middle class (or maybe upper low class lol).

                    @never give cash, end up alcohol

                    I never care about this. If someone asks for 5 bucks for food, I give it to them and they spend it otherwise is not my problem. As far as my experiences go, the only thing that matters is that you tried to help. My folks gave me a few hundred bucks once for my bills. I wound up spending it all on food/necessities while I looked for some work. I found work and still paid my bills and my parents back. It doesn't always work out the way you are planning even when you are being completely honest. I was honestly asking for bill money and didn't spend any of it on bills.
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                      I recall 5-0ing that guy.
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