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    I got a call from a local number that I am not familiar with. I've been using sites like before I return calls to unknown numbers. Well, as it turns out this guy is notorious for running the scam that "(insert family member) is in deep shit and you need to pay (insert ridiculous sum) to save them" so I used another site and got his name, address, family tree, everything.

    I then called him as Detective Ron Simms, told him everything about himself and explained that he can come to 2nd district and have a talk with me or we can go get him and there will be no talking. I then called the real detective Simms and told him tbe whole

    I'm waiting for a call back (eventually) to let me know if this guy really turned himself in. I have high confidence he will. This guy was shitting bricks when I called him with his name and explained his current adddress to him.

    He can't be too bright. Who makes ransom calls from their real, listed phone? Stupid people, that's who.

    Heres the okcaller link that exposes his scams for anyone thats curious
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    I'm pretty sure its against the law to impersonate a police officer... just sayin'


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      I said I was a detective and never claimed to actually be at the police station... . I should edit my post. Where it says "have a talk with me" was actually "ask for detective simms. I'll be waiting."

      Am I not waiting...

      The real Detective Simms said the same thing as you and fully understood how people could get confused as to how many detective simms there are and which one I am referring to at any given point.

      Personally, I feel great about it. This Douglas Waguespak jerk is definitely having a really bad day and may even turn himself in based on a dose of his own medicine. Even if he doesn't turn himself in, I handed the cops his life story practically down to which pant leg he puts on first. Somebody owes me some money.
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        Lol that's hilarious and yeah you definitely can't be too bright to run a scam operation off your actual phone wtf.


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          Nice man
          Quake is for nerds.


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            Originally posted by Solecord View Post
            I'm pretty sure its against the law to impersonate a police officer... just sayin'
            Using the words officer, detective, deputy, marshal, fbi, dea, or any law enforcement entity is illegal if you are not certified law enforcement.

            If you are a private investigator you can use the word 'detective'.
            If you are a security officer you can use the word 'officer'.

            Be square when defining what you are if asked.

            Like I use to be a 'deputy' and since I am no longer it would be illegal for me to use that term even if I was still certified within the state of Florida but not employed by a agency.

            Be careful or else you will be wearing some silver bracelets.


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              Just my thoughts: I hate scammers, and I am glad you got them; your research may or may not have been enough in and of itself to get a financial crimes officer interested in follow up investigation. I, myself, would not have done anything remotely approaching an indication I was in law enforcement, but, I must say... sure, an officer could possibly issue a summons for impersonating an officer, and yes, it is possible a prosecutor might accept the charges and pursue the case... but it is very very hard for me to imagine that any jury would convict such "impersonation." I would bet big money that most jurors HATE scammers and would bend over backwards to nullify an "impersonating an officer" count in such circumstances.


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                Well, regardless if what I did was legal or not. Det. Simms thanked me for all of the information and had a bit of a laugh. I still have no idea if the guy turned himself in, got picked up or nothing at all.

                As far as getting his information goes, using a reverse look up directory and a one time 9$ payment gave me everything that I gave the detective. So, I'm not trying to say that I did ANY actual detective work of my own. At least no real detective work.

                @ detective is illegal - I wont argue that fact because I am not sure. I will say that, if I can craftily manipulate the title to an officer, my lawyer could do it to a judge in his sleep.

                And even if I allegedly did break some law, a handful of you are the only ones that seem to care. In other words, nobody is looking for me, for anything, much less this. If anything, the overall feeling at the end of the conversation was more like a pat on the back. As it should be. Regardless of my manipulation, I did a really good deed, quite thoroughly I might add. Did I not privately investigate the matter?

                I will admit though, I had to summon some extra balls to call a cop and explain how I possessed his identical surname to manipulate a perp into turning himself in. It was a bit surreal. Luckily Det. Simms likes to ask lots of questions before he loses his cool. I would assume that is par for any good detective. Some of you may be wondering how I knew there was a Detective Simms. Well, haha, he arrested me a few years ago for some bullshit where he was in the right place at my wrong time. I chose not to divulge that and he never asked. The "bullshit" was literally bullshit. I have never been accused or suspected of a major crime.
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