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powerball; what would you spend it on?

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  • powerball; what would you spend it on?

    So, everyone has this in their head but few have time to brag out their best elevator pitch. So, this thread can be a wishlist of things you CAN DO with a winning ticket to help mankind. OBV, you'll be the '0,0' on the origin of "gimme gimme" from everyone who can see you. But, in the brevity of humanity, what would you do to allow others to know of your importance/responsibility in years forward; after you die?

    For me, I would buy land and make sure it stays undeveloped for wildlife.
    I'd create a place for youth to get in out of the weather and participate on positive tasks.
    feeD/assist the poor/homeless.
    start a food co-op
    buy and have a lan/beer/pizza party
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    How much you offering for


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      I'd buy a house and a truck.
      I'd buy a bunch of new and old computer stuff for my amusement.
      I'd invest in precious metals.
      I'd help out a bunch of my friends.

      I'd try to find a way to invest in education in my local area since it's still not even enough money to make a difference any larger than that in some kind of direct way, so that the money would do the most good while not being at the hands of any crooks.

      I'd try to find a way to help the poor without giving them a handout. I used to be in poverty and I know for a fact some people just want to be poor, or they actually make a lot of money begging, and use it to get high. So some kind rehab/training/education and help with their real problems and not the surface ones.

      I'd try to find a way to help the mentally ill, they are terribly neglected by social services around the world.
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        I dunno but I'd know my kids would be set for life!

        I do know I'd pay a coder to code me up some deliscious Qrack 2.x for Linux
        Quake One Resurrection
        Great Quake engine

        Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
        Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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          doesnt have to be Qrack at that point, would be anything geared to the Q-universe..

          I'd def. hire everyone here to a small project called Quake 5.1
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            I'd have a brain transplant. I'm not sure what I would transplant it into. I'd just get it out of this body.


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              Quit work, get my kids through school, set them up a trust fund, go camping.
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