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What is the craziest/coolest job you ever had?

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  • What is the craziest/coolest job you ever had?

    I've done two jobs in my lifetime so far that stands out from the others.... lol

    craziest is
    Once I walked into a american chinese restruraunt and said I need a job. They said can you cook, I said no but I can wash dishes, and for one day I washed their dishes, it was horrible. The only hot water was on the glasses/silverware dishwasher , they wanted their plates and bowls, complete with the greasy and oily ass residue to be washed with cold water. It was absurd lol.

    coolest is
    I have assembled "reactive tank armor tiles" for use on the M1 Abrams and
    Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

    In order to do this job I had to get a background check through the Department of Justice , Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, and had to get a Federal Explosives License. This is insane!

    Definitely coolest.

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    I really miss my asst manager job at a music store, I worked there for 15 years selling guitars...
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      I worked at The Northern Guitar Centre from around '90 to '95, that was definitely the coolest but also probably the worst paid job I have ever done.
      I was young so it didn't really matter.
      Perks were good tho' free smokes and lunch was paid for and I could borrow guitars and sometimes get free used parts. I learned a lot there.
      Working at Gamestation was another highlight, I worked up to manager but, to be honest, the extra responsibility took some of the enjoyment away.

      A job that wasn't so great involved working nights, 12 hour shifts, 7 till 7.
      It was for a little known drinks company called Coca Cola. I was part of a three man team who rotated around filling big glass, pressurised bottles. You had to wear armor and headgear as occasionally they would explode and send shards of glass through the air. I did it because (I was stupid &) it paid more than standing on the lines.
      Sometimes when the lines went down or they where low on staff you got moved around to watch lines of cleaned Coke bottles fly by, all you did was watch and if you spotted a damaged one then you stopped the line and removed it.
      I remember the smell of the cleaning fluid and I remember nodding off with the clank of the bottles going by.
      The cleaning guy used to clean graffiti of the toilet walls using Coke if that tells you anything.

      I've worked as a maintenance guy at a dogs refuge, a drafter, a building surveyor, sign writer, cooked burgers at a pizza joint run by (nice) crackheads.
      Packed lightbulbs, shifted tractor tyres, served food in an indian restaurant.
      Storeman, production planner, powdercoater...the list goes on.
      You meet some crazy people, legends that spend there entire life in one job, others that don't make it through a day.

      Anyhow, working on tanks sounds cool Mindz, did you ever get to go watch them being tested? or see any experimental stuff?
      Back when Quake Rally came out I thought , wouldn't it be cool to make a tank mod. Still could I guess. Like a 3d version of Tank! for the 2600.
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        I sold ice cream for $10 an hour more than ten years ago. The location was inside a gas station; no idea why they paid so much, but it was easy!


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          I worked in Law Enforcement from 2005-2007 - Was a crazy cool job all around.
          I worked as a Repossession Agent from 2007-2009 - In the repo field is was wild for sure, in comparison to Law Enforcement, I put it right up there.

          Currently I am a Federally Contracted Armored Merchant Guard, I had to be screened & cleared by the Department of Defense, Department of Treasury, U.S. Mint, Federal Reserve Bank, Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, Bureau of Engraving & Printing as well as Federal Background/Credit check's.

          Basically I drive an armored 18 wheeler across all 48 states and haul anything from money, credit cards, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, weapons, bank notes, cashier checks, gold, silver, and anything that requires an armed transport. It is a dangerous job but in 48 years of company history no incidents reported/recorded.


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            Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
            coolest is
            I have assembled "reactive tank armor tiles" for use on the M1 Abrams and
            Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
            The armor on the truck's we drive are not that strong. They are Level 5 armor and can withstand up to a .50 caliber round from a direct hit. I have gotten the chance to fire my M888 ball green tip rounds from my AR15 into some of our old armor which is Level 3 and my green tip's penetrate it without issue. Standard brass tip rounds won't go through.


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              My "coolest job ever" is every job I ever created out of thin air. There is something very rewarding about (ex) waking up one day and deciding you are going to work for yourself, followed by getting a $19,860 contract (my first paint job score) OR $30+ hour for an undefined but numerous amount of hours to do graphic art or web design.

              My craziest job was roofing for a company that didn't feel like a harness and lanier were necessary safety requirements. They had me up 4 stories on a 7/12 pitch laying 3 tab, with not even a fucking rope or toe boards or anything for that matter. I almost fell twice that day. I went back the second day but, I did not make it a third.

              At the end of the second day the boss pulled me to the side and said "You look scared to death up there." I replied "Of course I'm scared! I have brains and I'm not Spiderman." He said "You have brains? I can't use a guy with brains. I'm going to have to let you go."

              *If you don't know what a 7/12 pitch is... I'll just say it's about as steep as this -> / for realz!

              12/12 would be 45 degrees so 7/12 = approx 71.25 degrees or steep as fuck considering 90 degrees would be straight up and down. Definitely a crazy job.
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                  Huhu. I guess it makes sense for Quake modders to be weapon / military experts.


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                    My old job as a donation collector for the salvation army was filled with interesting people and places. Saw a ton of cool antiques and memorabilia, as well as tons of junk. Scored allot of cool items, as well as designer and vintage military clothing, most of which i still have.

                    However, this job wouldn't be so set apart if not for the time i dressed up as "captain kettle". Basically it was a giant red salvation army kettle with eyes and a mouth, even complete with a giant coin hole on the head. It was for a fund raising golf tournament.

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