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    I came across this one render solution while looking for similar infos. I'm just posting it cause I think it looks interesting. Apparently this video was recammed. I'm throwing that out there so people don't think the point is to play Quake with a far away cam.


    and the project page

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    This is Quake... with a Mario Kart camera?


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      Oh wow, even more than that. At first watch i thought this was a video using Darkplaces just showing off some nifty camera tool, but instead its a raytracer that takes any quake demo and converts it into a full rendered video from just the .dem file! wow! ||


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        I don't know what language this is written in (?.go) but it was pretty simple to read. Maybe you could port the code to your engine, R00k.


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          well Qrack does already have the ability to load a demo, and save it to AVI automatically, so that part is already available. But not the camera, would be interesting, as that was the part of the video that intrigued me the most Could be done in QuakeC. I like the way the camera behaves like a FLY. starts on a wall flies along with the target snaps to a wall again, follows the target all at the correct angles and fluidity.


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            Does it automatically select the optimal viewing angle for you based on player momentum and the farthest away wall?
            Or does it have to be manually repositioned somehow...


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              That's great,

              I can't quite shake the feeling that he is, at times, either skateboarding or sliding on a polished floor with just his socks on.
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                thats because they play animations of the player standing still with gunkick, instead of legs running.

                (OFF-ToPiC): Quake should just skip the recoil animations if the player is moving. IMHO no one will notice that the rocket, nails, etc arent coming exactly from the muzzle when running, BUT, obv in 20 years sliding aound while shooting, does look odd.
                The axe attack is the only attack animation that has running feeet! lolz


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                  POVray is very old but was a great CG modeling tool of very good image quality.I used it back in the 90s and in fact most of the movie Lord of the Rings used POV renders for the CG.The Language is a bit weird as it is just coordinates mostly.
                  And oh yea Blender now has POVray support,still looks pretty good.
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