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Alien Invasion in New Orleans

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  • Alien Invasion in New Orleans

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    My girl got pics of it too. Hers are probably a lot better than mine.
    Edit: apparently she took video. I'll get it off her phone and on to youtube.


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        Thanks for sharing, I'm really into stuff like this.

        At first I was 50/50 with them maybe being Chinese lanterns but then they seem to correlate and almost looks like the mimic each others movement.

        It's definitely strangeness!

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          It is chinese lanterns.... I know for a fact cause I went around the corner 2 blocks and watched them launch a few more. I figured calling it an alien invasion was more fun.

          Edit: I did not know it was lanterns while the images and video were being taken though. I went outside and 3 of them were in a perfect triangle. I totally freaked out, ripped my girl out the shower and drug her outside to see. At that point the triangle was gone but there were like 10 of them in the sky. I walked to the front of the house and more started appearing. I noticed an orange glare off of a second story window on the next block and realized that they were very close. That's when I decided to take a walk and see if I could find the source. No sooner I turned the first corner there was one plain as day about street level and then I knew what it was. I had to walk another block and turn the corner to find the exact source.
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            those are some intimidating-looking strogg drones.


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              I was waiting for them to shoot off horizontally in opposite directions, then I would have been like "whoa".

              Is it you saying it "isn't an alien invasion" at the end of the vid? I find it so interesting to hear people's voices and accents when all you have known of them is typed out.

              So Chinese lanterns are Sky lanterns? you light and release them into the sky?
              First thing I was thinking was maybe a couple of high powered flashlights, Maglights even.

              When I think of aliens looking down on us, I am reminded of this Calvin & Hobbes :

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                @Adam - I'm the shadowy figure walking up the driveway saying "It's not an alien invasion". I had just got back from finding the source. I do not know if "chinese lantern" is the official term. I just knew what Phenom meant when he said it. Here is an image if you are unfamiliar. Basically, it's a paper hot-air balloon with a candle for a burner.

                @Accent - I don't think I have an accent but, just for you - "Yeee doggy! Get back in the house, Maw. It ain't nothin but them damn chinese sky candles." - lmao! . I actually get asked where I am from frequently. The conversation always goes like this:

                "Where are you from?"
                "Really? You don't have an accent."
                "I went to private school." or "You watch too much TV"
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                  I can probably hear the X-Files theme music in my right now.


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                    I don't mind hearing that theme music.
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                      You know, I've heard that if you look real close enough, you can see R2D2 on the bottom of the ship. See?:
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