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  • Finally, a new desktop

    My last desktop was, I think, a Dell or HP, pretty generic Windows XP box. After that it was two laptops and a tablet shared with the wife. The one I bought is kind of a bottom tier "Gaming" desktop, but upgradable, on sale, and light years better than this laptop I've endured the past couple of years. Don't beat me up too bad over it, sad as it, is it's the best pc I've ever owned. Can't wait to pick it up Thursday. I don't play a lot of high end games. Just Quake, Counter Strike, and iRacing mostly, all of which pretty much suck on a laptop. Whatta ya think? Of course I'll have to shitcan that gaming mouse and insert my trusty trackball.

    *I chose the road less traveled... Now I don't know where the hell I am*

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    Congrats on getting a new machine,
    It is really exciting to get new tech.

    I am not sure about iRacing but for the other games you mentioned it should be fine.

    If I was pushed to suggest at least one thing to change, it would be the graphics card.
    I mean, see how you go but it is pretty old and low powered, so if you could spend maybe $50 more on a newer card then you would improve performance many times over.

    For example: Newegg has R7 240 for $60 and the R7 360 at $100. The 360 appears to have three times the performance. And obviously any extra cash you can put in will see greater gains.

    As I said, if it does everything you want then don't worry about it.

    Also, don't forget to edit all your privacy settings in Win10. It isn't a bad OS but it does have some adware/data collection BS built in.

    Good luck with your new machine!
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      I'm not tech savvy so, I don't even know what I'm looking at (in nerd terms) but, I can see you are stoked about it so, congratulations! Who cares if it's not the awesomest pc ever. I'm programming an entire 3D game engine on a toshiba satellite laptop from walmart. IMO the accessories are what really counts. My laptop is just a laptop but, I plug it in my 32" TV, my steelseries gaming keyboard and my ridiculous logitech gaming mouse and it is exceptionally nicer than what I see most people working with. Even if their computer is technically better, using it isn't.

      EDIT: I didn't realize the image went to the specs. One spec stood out to me. WEIGHT: 32 pounds! Geez, that seems like a lot for a computer. To put it in perspective my 32" TV weighs 8 lbs. I has a hand truck you can borrow.
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        replace the gpu and cpu cooler with a 660 and an h60 cooler and you've got a decent gaming rig for sure, without those upgrades it's okay but will feel clunky in certain games, especially if it's demanding on the gpu
        wew lad


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          Nice machine MadGypsy.

          I'm still running windows xp, with 3 gigs of ram, 2gig video card.
          And multi hard drives. The main cpu is pretty old, pent dual core 3.2ghz, old but it works well I like windows xp, no plans of ever changing it.

          I am sure you wont ever need an upgrade for a while.
          If your anything like me, you'll just invest in more storage capacity
          music, movies, the collection builds up over time.


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            @davers - you mean Dilligaf.


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              Thanks for your replies. Got everything hooked up and... WHOA! I didn't realize what I was missing. I added a 27 inch monitor and a set of speakers today when I picked it up. Tomorrow night will be a long night of installations and gameplay. Sucks having to go to work tomorrow...
              *I chose the road less traveled... Now I don't know where the hell I am*


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                I don't know man. You are looking a bit pekish. Maybe you got that new zika virus (or whatever it's called). It's probably best to take a sick day. You wouldn't want to give zika aids to all your co-workers... And if a whole lot of playing with your new computer happens, well, who could blame you?

                Alternately, a long time friend died (your old and you need the day off to attend your friends funeral (throwing your old box in the garbage).

                Or you could just try the Gypsy method but I don't know how much you like your job or how good they are to you. The method is simple: "I got a new computer, see you tomorrow or maybe even the next day. {click}" BUT I generally work for people that don't give a shit about me... I don't give a shit back.


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                  +1 on the sick day. I mean, how often do you get a new computer to play with. My (bad?) advice is take as much time as you get to mess around with your new rig before that 'I got a new toy, I got a toy, I got a new toy!' feeling wears off.

                  Last year I got my first desktop in over ten years. I still remember being blown away by it!

                  PS: That's a sexy looking case there.
                  I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                    self censored - removed due to being off topic.
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                      Too high value of normal mapping for these texture
                      the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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                        LMAO! No doubt! It took me a week of scrubbing this disaster before I would even eat a french fry in this joint. These pictures aren't the half of it. When I started we had quite literally about 50 mice. By the time I quit I hadn't seen a mouse in weeks. They don't come around if you don't leave a bunch of garbage on the floor for them to eat. Mice starve to death on my shift. And of course, you can be assured there are a shit load of mice again. I turned this dump into a respectable kitchen and maintained it for my ENTIRE tenure, and my reward was the enlightenment that no matter what I have done... I am equal. Imma go be "equal" somewhere else.

                        self censored: left this one so Nahuel doesn't look crazy.
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                          MadGypsy turning Chat-O-Rama into the Venting Area again.
                          also, those pictures are huge (much bigger than your phone screen).

                          Why didn't you ask your boss to pay you double what they pay the rest of the employees before you left? I mean you were quitting anyway... Try to explain to him how his 'equality' thing is wrong?
                          Actually, knowing you, I'm going to assume you did that already.

                          Wait, what was this thread about again?
                          Oh, right, how to get a half-decent Gaming Desktop for cheap-- and how to make it more enjoyable for yourself than others have with their gaming rigs...


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                            LMAO, I know man. I'm sorry. I start going off on a train of thought... I'm not purposely trying to derail anything. I could delete the post. It's not like I care about the post and want to marry it or anything.

                            Yeah, knowing me I had a lot to say about it.

                            edit: done, most off topic post removed. I have a text copy if any of the admins want me to put it back.
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                              Wait what? I wasn't complaining about it being off-topic! Fuck youuuuuu put it back put it back put it back!
                              But seriously, as I see it as long as a topic goes back to it's original topic afterwards, there's nothing wrong with going off-topic. I'm like I did enjoy your rant. I just thought bringing it back would--...