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Finally, a new desktop

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    So, Dilligaf, how you enjoying your new machine? Do you still have that warm fuzzy feeling?
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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      whoa that machine looks like a gaming beast, and i almost want that mouse if ya sure you aint gonna use it.. lol
      The gemstone of gaming is Quake, so load it up and play some


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        Yeah this thing is pretty sweet! Going from a 15 inch laptop to this thing, well, it's hard to describe the difference. Amazing for starters. Actually having separate speakers and a sub is really nice! Big, deep, immersive sound. iRacing and CSGO were a real eye opener. Runs both of them very well. Being used to a small laptop and then sitting down in front of a 27" monitor is like walking into a movie theater. It may be a bottom tier "gaming" rig but I'm real happy with it. I got quake installed but I don't have it quite right yet. Still need some tweaking. I forgot what it was like to install "all things Quake" from scratch! I'll get there in a couple of weeks. We're dragging Monty to the beach Saturday so I'll have a week off. Just beer, boat drinks and seafood for a week, no games...cept' with the wife!
        *I chose the road less traveled... Now I don't know where the hell I am*