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  • Pantry Raid

    It's pouring outside. won't let me order and calling the store gives me a busy signal. I am starving and there are some seriously random items in this house. Check out what I did.

    Sausage & Rice
    cool those things go together so let's start with that

    I'm browning the sausage looking at the fact that the only vegetable in the house right now is baby carrots. Throw the baby carrots in.

    Sausage, rice and baby carrots leaves a lot to be desired for the palette.

    What can I do to amp up the flavor? I have a little container of condiments like Ketchup, Soy Sauce... etc. Add soy sauce...naaaah

    Peanut Butter... this is where it gets interesting. A tablespoon of peanut butter and a little bit of water to thin it out. While the meat is browning the water will be reducing and towards the end of it's reduction the sugars in the peanut butter should glaze the sausage. My peanut butter is like candy though and I don't want candied sausage...

    Vanilla extract, vanilla extract (very little) if mixed in while the peanut butter is still thin should neutralize some of the sugars and make it less sweet.

    So now we have semi-sweet glazed sausage, carrots and rice. Surely I can do a little better than that. Back to the condiment container. Crushed Red Pepper. I wait til I add the rice, which involves adding a lot more water. While that water is simmering it's mixing some of the PB glaze from the sausage creating a very thin peanut sauce add in the crushed red pepper and we now have

    Glazed Sausage and carrots over rice in a spicy sauce with a hint of peanuts. I'll be back when this is done and honestly tell you if this is awesome or puke. I will say that it smells awesome.
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    Alright I just took a taste and It was ok but the flavor was very neutral. So I was thinking what could I do to make the flavor pop. Before I tell you understand that I made like 4 grown man servings of this stuff. So there is a lot.

    1 packet of yellow mustard and 1 more packet of crushed red pepper. By volume I shouldnt actually taste the mustard but it should add a little zip to the flavor.


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      I'm a culinary genius. This is awesome. I don't think I would serve this at a restaurant (mostly because it isn't very pretty) but it has excellent flavor.

      e: I just finished an entire bowl. My mouth liked it and my guts don't seem to care

      Hack or whack?

      I'm gonna call this a hack. A yummy one too.

      Stay tuned next week, when I use the dust at the bottom of a non sugary cereal bag in place of flour and condiment butter to make a roux. Followed by creamers from the coffee shop and Dominoes parmesan packets to make an excellent Alfredo sauce.
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        This is what happens when you try to get into programming.
        You fall off the routine with like, everything, including making grocery shopping trips on a regular basis (so you'll always have food in the house etc.).


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          That's not true at all. It's been storming here for days. I have been waiting for better weather to go grocery shopping and wasn't too concerned considering there is some food here. I just wish I would have had more vegetables. At least an onion.

          lol @ try to get into programming


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            I really love rice. If you do not like it, see this movie
            the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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              Dinner anyone? No? OK. I'll eat it all.

              Fresh green onion sausage over egg noodles, smothered in a crawfish sauce piquant.

              I'm good at making and eating food, not taking pictures of it.
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                Maybe you can open your own restaurant and serve your unique creations
                The gemstone of gaming is Quake, so load it up and play some


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                  I've thought of that. I don't borrow money and I would need quite a few thousand more than I have.

                  I was gonna start a new thread about this but this thread is just whatever so, it's good enough.

                  For 2 months I have been temporarily retired. I have been offered numerous jobs when I wasn't even looking for one yet. I quit my job cause it was bullshit but, I was perfectly prepared to stay unemployed to work on my engine. The jobs I was offered were either nowhere near my neighborhood ( a new requirement I have ) or for little kid money. Today I woke up and decided to get a job. I went to CL, clicked a link, the guts said $14 an hour to start. I wrote the below resume in like 10 minutes. Within one hour I was being contacted for a stage (pronounced with a short a - basically a fancy sounding way to say work a free day to prove yourself).

                  As I am writing this another Job has contacted me and I never even applied. Some college bar down the road from me. When it rains it pours. If I had to guess my boy Steve (Midway Pizza) is throwing my name out to business owners. I interview tomorrow at 1. I already made it clear to the guy that if he doesn't have some professional grown up money to pay I'm not interested. He asked what Pro GU money is. I said 15 to start. He just said to come in for an interview.

                  Michael Guidry - (504) xxxxxxxxxxx - [email protected]
                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx New Orleans, La., xxxxxxxx

                  Hello, I have approximately 12 years experience in the service industry. I work hard and efficiently with an attitude driven towards results. I am reliable, work oriented, energetic & capable. It is important to me to maintain an exceptionally prepared and clean work environment. I learn things at an excelled pace and possess the qualities of a motivated self-starter. My experience is primarily in very high paced pub and casual dining kitchens. To rock a $3,000 lunch is something I have done many times. When I have established my comfort zone in a kitchen I am like precision lightning.

                  I have medium to high experience in all of the following positions:
                  Fry / Grill / Saute / Pantry / Expedite / Barback / Runner / Shucker / Waiter / Dishwasher

                  I am no stranger to alternate and even manajorial tasks, such as:
                  ⦁ counting / ordering / recieving stock
                  ⦁ deep cleaning of all equiptment
                  ⦁ fixing broken equiptment (within reason)
                  ⦁ writing schedules
                  ⦁ creating yummy and popular daily specials

                  Jeff Carreras - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                  Philip Borges - xxxxxxxxxxx
                  Jake Stevani - xxxxxxxxxxxxx
                  I know it's not pro. It's to the point and true. All formatting was stripped when I pasted it. It looks a little better in word or whatever.
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                    Let me tell you about the raid on my pantry. Today, when my roomate opened the cupboards, we found cupboard moths. I had to kill more than a couple dozen and toss a bunch of food. Alas.


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                      I just want to say that after misreading the title as Panty Raid, this is a very strange thread.
                      wew lad


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                        @O Mac.. Hah I DID get somebody! I chose pantry raid specifically because it was so close to Panty Raid

                        @Zop - that sucks . Sorry to hear that.


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                          Don't worry, Gypsy, I'll be coming over to eat your food instead.


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                            I have some ideas for tonight. If I decide to make summin fancy I'll post a pic.

                            @zop - come on by. Nobody starves or eats gruel at my house.


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                              Tonight I decided on:

                              Ground pancetta with a bell pepper mirepoix in creamy mushroom mashed potatoes topped with fancy shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

                              Super Fn delicious! I have a pic but this isn't something that looks yummy in pics. It kinda looks like undigested puke but, I'm dead serious the flavor is amazing.

                              Restaurants get away with making their food look amazing by keeping the majority of the ingredients separated and piling them up in layers so you can see a differentiation. If they didn't, everything in their menu images would look like undigested puke. I didn't feel like cooking my dinner in stages and making 5 times the dishes just for a pretty pic tonight.

                              But I could tell you how to make this.

                              1) Pancetta, grind or chop it up and brown it
                              2) Sautee a mirepoix (generally roughly chopped onions, celery, (carrots or bell pepper)) I used bell pepper (green and red), red onion and garlic. Add sliced mushrooms too. Sprinkle some of your favorite seasons in with it (Italian works and Tony's does too). Get all of that on the side when it's almost the heat
                              3) cheat - canned cream of mushroom soup and instant mashed potatoes. You could make all this stuff fresh but you are barely going to realize any difference. Put the COM soup in a pan with at least equal water, simmer it. Once simmered dump in the instant potatoes. Stir til semi-thick. Keep in mind how much potatoes you will have to add to properly thicken your COM soup. Using an entire can of COM soup will make a hell of a lot of potatoes.

                              From here you can do one of 2 things

                              #1 mix everything together and bring it back to a simmer, toss a thin layer of some kind of cheese on top and kill the fire

                              #2 plate the creamy potatoes, spoon the mirepoix on top, pile some pancetta on top of that, sprinkle with some kind of cheese.

                              Whether you pick 1 or 2 this isn't going to taste any different. #1 is if you just want to eat. #2 is if you want to wow some guests.

                              I didn't give you any measurements what-so-ever cause I can't remember the last time I measured something. As a simple rule the entire vegetable part should be equal to the meat part and the potato part should be a little bit more. Let's say the ratios are:

                              Creamy potatoes: 1.5..?ish

                              Pro Tip: When sauteeing the veggies do it in the grease created by the meat.

                              Of course there are numerous substitutions that can be made in this recipe. That's the fun part. Be creative. If you follow the spirit of the recipe it's going to be good.
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