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    I bought that lapdesk a while back, except the one I bought had some god awful zebra stripe pattern. Look what I did to it.

    Pretty simple mod. I just put a quick sand on it, gave it a coat of spray adhesive, used a ruler to pull a poster over the glued surface, ran a nail file around the edges to get a perfect score to trim the excess by, and then put about 5 coats of clear coat over it. I wish I would have offset the poster a little bit more though. The border at the top isn't very pro. I actually made this almost a year ago, It has held up very well. I was revisiting old emails between my father and I, came across the one about this lapdesk and decided to share it with you guys/girls. For anyone that doesn't know, it's a map from the hobbit or maybe lord of the rings (same diff)

    I utilize it like below. With my feet propped up and this in my lap it is very comfortable. The way I have my wrist supported to use my mouse is actually also very comfortable. My mouse sensitivity is set very high so I don't need much room to move the mouse around. Also due to all the clear coats I put on this thing, the mouse practically floats on this surface.

    I don't have whore lights in my house, lol. The redness is a reflection off a heavily laquered redwood partition, due to a lamp that is directly in front of it. At least that's my guess. It isn't red in here at all.
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    A lapdesk? A miniature flat table that goes on your lap so you can actually play FPS-ey type games on your LAP pragmatically? They make such a thing?
    Why have I never heard of this...


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      I have 3 of those at my house. 1 for my kid which is from the movie Frozen and has an Olof design, the other 2 are blue and purple colored for my wife. 1 in bedroom 1 in family room.

      I like the way you did the poster, looks good, and now that gives me an idea. Thanks


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        @wl - if you want it to be nice do it just like I explained + after the ruler part look at it really good for bubbles. If you find any, take a pin and poke a small hole in it then use your fingers and work the bubble toward the pin hole. I had a handful of very small bubbles. I did what I just said and not only are the bubbles gone but, you will never find my pin holes.