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    This is funny stuff. Talk about a completely screwed up business model.

    My phone bill is due on the 24th every month BUT I have a VIP phone plan that allows me to pay up to 14 days later than that date. I got a text today that said I had reached my bandwidth limit and my speed would be throttled til the 8th. I was thinking "The 8th? WTF?" Then I realized what boost is doing. They are holding my payment clean out til the end of the grace period. Even though my bill had already been paid and it is past the 24th and my account had a 0 balance, I was able to refund my payment back to my account. I then clicked "restart plan" and used the $60 they refunded me to start my plan fresh from today. This means that now my bill is due on the 6th of every month. Add in the 14 day grace period and that date becomes the 20th.

    If I did this every month at the end of my grace period this is what would happen with my payment dates.

    June 20th
    August 4th
    September 18th
    November 3rd
    December 17th
    January 31st
    March 14th
    April 28th
    June 11th

    That is 13 months but it is only 9 payments. July, October, February and May get completely skipped... Math, it's not just for weighing drugs.

    Now, am I actually going to do this? I will admit it is a little tempting (only cause I figured it out though) but the answer is definitely NO. That would be stealing. Gypsy does not ever steal and stealing $252 a year is not worth the destruction to my excellent karma. You may argue that I technically stole 2 weeks. You would actually be wrong. I will still end up making 12 payments this year. At best I "stole" 1 day but it was not in my heart to steal anything. I just wanted them to push my payment through so I could have the bandwidth I paid for. Boost for some reason no longer has ANY customer service reps. It is all automated. If they had an actual person handling this shit my payment could have been accepted without me having to restart my plan. Also, if they just reset my plan on the original due date my bandwidth would not have reached it's limit and this trick would also be impossible. For this time, they are a victim of themself but with no actual harm done. Now if I did this in June then yes I would skip July entirely and that would be stealing. Especially since I actually realize what is happening.

    If I ever have to do this again, basically forcing me to steal. I'll just pay 2 months and never use the month they never deducted. It will always be in their system and if that shit ever comes back on me I will tell them they have had the money all along and it's not my responsibility to make sure they take it.
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    You should post this explanation all over Boost Mobile's user forums just to be all 'nyah nyah I figured it out first so now you can't use it! '
    You know, 'cause now that it's out in the open, they might fix it etc. and you'll get all the whiners like WHY DID YOU NOT JUST TAKE THE MONEY MANNN