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    Has anyone noticed that we have a "rate this thread" option? It only seems to be available in Quake Talk/(DM, Other Games & Venting Area)? Why isn't it simply a forum-wide feature? And if not forum-wide, why venting-area of all places? We aren't going to allow rating of ex: anything in Quake Help but, let's make sure we can rate (generally) garbage rants? Very strange.

    Assuming someone were to rate a thread, what happens? Does the OPer get/lose something based on the rating? Does the thread auto sticky/disappear? What does this feature do and why is it suppressed except in 3 spots?

    It seems like every feature that has anything to do with giving people support on this site is broken in some way. :/ crappy.
    Last edited by MadGypsy; 05-07-2016, 01:58 AM.

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    It does nothing but display stars next to the thread title.


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      How much $$$ to add stars to every one my of my threads?


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        Here Zop, have some stars

        or maybe you would prefer gold. e: Hmmm I guess that's actually just orange.

        or maybe you prefer watermark

        My feelings wont be hurt if you don't use this shit. I'm just bored and too tired to do anything else.
        Last edited by MadGypsy; 05-10-2016, 05:24 AM.