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    That's what I feel like I've been through this week. Get this:

    I already told the story of how I woke up one day decided to get a job and got a job that day but, the plot thickens on that story. Those people told me that they would give me 4 night shifts in a row (basically 40 hours) but I had to wait a week for those shifts. 3 days ago the kitchen manager texts me my schedule and there is a whopping 9 hours on it spread out over 3 days. 5-8 wed thru fri. I tripped the fuck out! (Today is that first Wednesday). I contacted the KM and asked what's going on with my schedule. He said that he was going to get me my full hours the following week. The rest of the convo went like this.

    me: "You're playing with my time and money, bro. You told me 4 days with full hours and made me wait a week to get them, now you're trying to make me wait another week."

    him: "Don't you know it's about to be slow around here. Plus I have other people that have been with me for a long time, I'm not about to cut their hours for someone I don't even know."

    me: "None of this is what you were telling me before. You told me 4 full night shifts and I want my damn hours."

    him: "You can move on if you like."

    me: "I never said anything about that. I'm telling you I want the shifts that you told me you would give me. Man up and do what you said you were going to do."

    him: "Do you want to work or not?"

    me: "Yeah I want to work! That's what this all about."

    him: "Then the schedule I sent you is the schedule for this week."

    me: "OK"

    Now, I know not one single person here that's been paying attention to me believes that "OK" means that I was going to settle for this bullshit.

    All this happened on Sunday.

    10 minutes before I started writing this post I was hired at an even better job than the one I was promised at The Boot. This new job is starting me at an even higher rate of pay (7am tomorrow) and I've already been told that they just want to make sure I'm as good as I say I am before I get a raise and move to management. I asked and the estimated time on this is 30 days, could be less. The dude said something that impressed me because it's something I would do. He said "It shouldn't take you 30 days to prove to me you can run my business." That's the words of a man that isn't fucking around. Those words are an awful lot like my words to the people I hired when I had my paint company "If you aren't worth at least 15$ an hour, I can't even use you."

    In 4 hours I'm supposed to be at The Boot. I owe these people nothing and have no intention of even calling them. However if they call me I am definitely going to answer the phone and it's going to go like this

    "Michael, this is Cutty at The Boot. You know you are supposed to be here right now."

    "I told you I want to work but you don't have any work. Ohhh I see, you thought I was saying I want to work for you. Yeah, my bad, bruh. I was actually saying I'm gonna work and fuck you. I'm sorry I didn't make that clearer."


    Totally irrelevant trivia question:

    Where did The Boot get it's name from?

    This is a question that can be answered by anyone in the wold without having any knowledge of history and without needing any "inside info" about my state or city. I will also say that The Boot is not a country bar.
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    Assholes all around the world, go f@k your self. I hate when employers are thinking they can do whatever they want. Almost same story here.


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      My only goal this entire last couple of days was to replace The Boot with equal or better before I have to even show up for my first shift. I was filled with dread every time I thought about the fact of having to show up there. If I would have had no choice but to work there today I would have felt like a complete little bitch. Like people can just walk all over me and I don't have any power to stop it. The fact that The Boot offered me an exceptional wage made replacing them quickly even harder. I have to admit, I don't generally stress too much but, this had me stressing. I felt like I had to perform magic and I wasn't very confident that what I had to do was even possible. However, I was confidant that if it was possible, I could do it.

      To anyone reading this post that this can apply to: If you walk away from this post with nothing else, walk away knowing that it is up to YOU to have success and if you are one determined SOB (like me) you can make these things happen very quickly. I didn't sleep for days. I pounded CL with resumes. I think I refreshed the page about 5000 times in just a couple of days. I was answering ads the second they appeared. You'd be surprised how many ads appear at 4 in the morning. Job posters on CL seem to think [compensation: DOE/TBD] is an acceptable way to describe their pay. I'd get numerous replies to my "resume" just to turn down the job after seeing their DOE is code for Slave Pay. You have to decide what you want and settle for nothing less. I am a total beast at what I do and I'm am completely unafraid to look an employer right in the eyes and tell them that. If they don't have any money, it's going to scare them. If they are as determined as you and realistic about paying for it you'll be the last interview they entertain. The bottom line is: if your job sucks, it's your fault. All you have to do is decide you are going to get a better one, stick to your guns regarding the standard of opportunity you are willing to accept and POUND the job market with your name. You have to be willing to skip sleep, interview your interviewer, return numerous emails very quickly and weed out the bullshit as soon as it contacts you. I didn't approach this as a guy looking for a job. I approached this as a guy deciding whether your job is good enough.

      As hard as it is to turn down so many opportunities in such a short amount of time, there is simply no other choice if the entire point is to upgrade. Not to mention that a bit of this is a numbers game. Since I was not very confident that what I had to do was even possible, I simply "counted everybody". I used a trick to speed it up too. I didn't send my resume to one listing at a time (mostly). I dumped as many email addresses as possible in one "to:" and sent it all in one mail. The people I applied to could see all these addresses. I made it real clear. I'm looking for a job and I'm not waiting for you. Couple that with the fact my resume basically says "I will smoke everyone you have or will ever get" and I think a very strong message is sent. If nothing else the message is "A very confident individual that is not wasting any time" just applied for your job. Imagine what I'm going to do on that job. Does anyone that would realize this think that I'm going to bring some different representation to my actual work?
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        Jesus, that sucks. That's mainly why I've been avoiding a lot of other jobs and just stuck to my video store gig I've had for about a year and a half.