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  • Fragger needs help

    If this is not allowed, please remove it.
    I am at the end of my rope.

    Thanks otherwise.

    Check out my blog! And my site too!

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    I have so many mixed emotions about your gofundme page. Life is rough when you are completely unprepared and lack dilligence. I wish you luck.


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      There are social services that can help you find a place to live. It won't be the grand hotel, but its a roof over your head. I know some people that had to live in a camper
      trailer for a year before they got back on their feet.

      Lucky you live in California, imagine sticking it out in a cold Canadian winter in a trailer.
      A little wood stove becomes your best friend. an elderly man has no home, he sleeps on the ground.
      Travels around with his 3 mules in the California area.

      I wish you luck.
      Sometimes you have to concentrate on the needs in life and cut out
      the clutter of wants.


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        My job just became very unstable as well. I sincerely hope the best for you Fragger. I will pray that it all works out for you guys. Hang in there.
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          Oh, I wish I had money. I would donate as much as possible as long as it means you situation will get better.

          In the meantime, I'll share this at another forum site.


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            file bankrupt maybe? go wash dishes, does that kid have a job?

            I can understand times are hard, especially as an older adult.

            but you need more than the internet to solve your problems.


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              I'm with you on this one R00k. Complacency is the greatest sin. Anybody living check to check and acting like that is sufficient is asking for this exact situation to happen. I know that sounds cold and harsh but, this is a cold and harsh world. You can't sit on your ass with beans and expect it to magically become a stalk. Nobody will ever convince me that the little they had is all they could get cause I've been proving that to be bullshit for almost 30 years.

              I don't wish fragger to be homeless but, at the same time...whatever it takes to learn your lesson and do better for yourself. I can't contribute to poor decisions. If something happened here that was completely out of your control, causing you to be a victim of someone other than yourself, I would donate. That's not the case though.

              This is a case of having barely sufficient employment and deciding that was good enough. You'll have to work 10x as hard to dig yourself out of this hole than you would have had to work all along on a second (at least part time) job. You and your son should at the very least be showing up at the temp agency every day at the crack of dawn. It's around $80 a day. That's $160 a day for the 2 of you. You should talk to your landlord and make a deal to give him money every day and not kick you out at all. Sell those guitars to get a chunk of quick cash to put down. Every day when you leave the temp agency spend all night answering Craigslist ads, refreshing the page every 10 minutes to make sure you are on jobs as soon as they appear. In short, forget about sleep and "things". Get your act together better than before and then you can enjoy things like guitars and something that resembles stability.

              Even if people did meet your gofundme goal, what then? You'll still have to do everything I just said to maintain it. There is no way out of this without some never ending diligence on your part. Having the internet buy you a month doesn't solve the entire rest of your life. Attempting to retire on gofundme is not going to last. In other words if you attempt to just keep running a gofundme campaign til you ever get your shit together, it will dry up faster than you expect.

              My current job shut the doors for an entire week (Aug 1 thru 7). I had 3 side paint jobs lined up before July ended. I could have easily just taken the week off and still paid all my bills. However, I don't look at my life like "this month" is all I have to worry about. No matter what my stupid job decides the money has to keep flowing. In June they cut an entire day out of my week for the entire month. 2 of those days I simply played guitar at the coffee shop for tips. I made less than my job pays me but, I made more than nothing. The other 2 days I went to the temp service and ended up at the "garbage factory", sorting plastic and glass from a big ass pile of straight up garbage. Like disgusting baby diapers and other such things. The point is, you have to do whatever the fuck it takes. If swimming in garbage for $80 is what it takes then that's what it takes and you need to go do it.

              A lot of people don't want to go to a temp agency but, let me tell ya. I was 17 the first time I used a temp agency. My first job was unloading a truck of vinyl siding and moving it to the proper shelf in the warehouse. By the end of the day I was offered a job at that warehouse for $12 an hour. The temp agency only paid minimum wage and once hired I never unloaded another truck again. The "garbage factory" also tried to hire me on my second day. In between the 2 times I just mentioned, I worked for a temp agency one other time. I was sent to Turnbull Bakeries for a week and by the end of the week I worked for Turnbull Bakeries. Granted, that job was only like 50 cents an hour more than the temp agency paid but, that was perfect. It was exactly a low enough number that I didn't get comfortable. I kept looking for a better job the entire time I worked there. Within 6 months or so I was 32 feet up doing exterior paint restorations on historic homes for $14 an hour cash. I left that job at $22 an hour and formed my own business. I lost that business due to medical problems and formed another business sitting on my ass drawing business cards til I could get on my feet again. When I say "formed a business" I mean overnight. All you need is a slick CL ad and a phone. I got my first business card customer within an hour of posting my ad and he wanted a hell of a lot more than business cards. That was a $2500 job and I made him give me half of it before I even started. To be clear, I don't have the patience to even wait for photoshop/gimp to load the fonts, much less actually learn those programs so, I had a graphic arts business and I'm not even a graphic artist. There is no "can't". My mentality was that my customers aren't graphic artists either so, it doesn't matter if my stuff is good. It only matters that my clients think it is.
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                @ gypsy & r00k

                i couldn't agree more, i just didn't wanna say it. especially this part:

                Sell those guitars to get a chunk of quick cash to put down.
                unless those guitars can make you money like right this very moment, they are a 'want' and not a 'need'.

                i still stand by my first post though. praying for you guys to pull through. your best bet is doing exactly what the last two posts detailed, because the gofundme inflow of cash will not last as long as your misfortune.
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                  because the gofundme inflow of cash will not last as long as your misfortune.
                  Judging by the current total it would take almost 2 months just to reach the goal. This campaign will probably never reach it's goal because it's too honest and the truth of it is some bullshit. The campaign basically says "I've made some really terrible decisions and now I would like to make them with your money." Primarily nobody is gonna give their money to that. I know I sound mega harsh but, I don't have any respect for this guy's situation. Who waits til their family has completely come apart at the seams and the months it takes to evict someone, before they recognize the urgency of their situation? This is like insubordination to your own life. I think "What would my reaction be if this was my father?"... the exact same shit (but probably even meaner) and that's why I don't feel bad about my opinion.

                  I really do hope he gets back on his feet but, I hope it is a gigantic pain in the ass with not one cent of help. Gonna make you a man, brah.
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                    my post was a could be should be.
                    but for them it maybe A shit fn now
                    i have a budget that i could nix my phone/net to help
                    but without sounding cold
                    the should be can cArry over to a million peeps
                    i cry for those that suffer but the internet masks or makes filters
                    i cannot afford your support but can only offer my blessing in hopes for a finite resolve


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                      Fuck temp agencies. Those assholes are crooks. If you decide that you hate the job they've found for you or that it isn't (and/or never will be) paying enough for the work you're doing, and you decide to quit that job, the temp agency will keep anything they still owe you. If you ask for it, they'll make you run in circles telling you shit like, "Talk to the employer about it." You talk to the employer, they tell you, "No, we don't pay you, we pay THEM, and THEY pay YOU. Go talk to them." Then the temp agency will either tell you to go back to the employer or "It's in the mail. It might take a few weeks to get there." Nah, it ain't in the fuckin' mail. It's in their pocket, and that's where it's gonna stay. You can get mad and start tossing chairs around the temp agency office and breaking shit, or you can start punching people in the fucking face, but... then they're gonna call the cops and you're gonna be in jail. You can threaten legal action, but... c'mon, you're working for a fucking temp agency, they know as well as you do that you can't afford a decent lawyer to sue them. And even if you could, you'd end up owing the lawyer more than what the temp agency owes you.

                      Sometimes you don't have much choice, you gotta have a job, and they're the only ones with a way in. Just make sure you have that money IN HAND before you say "I quit."


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                        edit: removed. I don't really have much more to add. hang in there, work hard, be confident, trust the Lord. The last being the most important.
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                          I thought this thread was about Frogger.