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    Attention: Hot presses are hot!

    I attempted to fuse myself to the corner of a press. I was pretty successful. That was just a brush... milliseconds of contact. It's about 2 days old but, a long hot shower destroyed the scab. It's looking especially gooey so, I decided to share.
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    Check it out...baking soda.

    Baking soda is amazing. It's only been a couple of hours but the difference is measurable. In my first pic the whole middle line of the main part of the wound was a yellow pu55y mess. That is practically gone now. Also, it was a really dark pink around the left edge of the wound, now the pink is much lighter. When I put the baking soda on, after about 2ish minutes all this nasty pu55 started bubbling up to the top. I washed it off, patted it dry and did it again. After the third time I washed/dried it and left it alone. It's actually got a layer of dried meat on it right now but, I'm curious if doing the baking soda again will make it goo up. I'm gonna go satisfy that curiosity.

    edit: well it burns like hell so that's somethin. I also have one little dot of goo coming out. I bet since I have the layer of dried meats, imma have to squash it. I'm gonna give it 30 minutes and see what happens.
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      mmm, fried Gypsy.

      In all seriousness, I think you're cursed to experience minor to major injury until it finally axes you off, and it seems like you're documenting the entire process on a forum for a 20 year old computer game. I wish you luck in your healing endeavors.



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        Just the good ones. I have a weatherboard replacement job coming up. I'm sure I'll stick a nail in me or something. If so, I'll make a video of me pulling it out... or whatever other incredibly painful thing I need to do. At this point I completely give up at wincing and slowly removing foreign objects from my body. Just yank the shit out, wrap it up and get back to work. It's gonna hurt no matter where you are or what you do.

        @game site

        ya, in chat-o-rama. On a site I've been a member of for 5+ years.

        @GL healing

        thanks. This one is gonna take a minute.


        I'm not allowed around axes

        edit: baking soda on dried meats don't work. It just burns a lot. If I'm wrong then maybe there is no goo left to extract cause all that came out was a pinhead dot of goo and there's nothing to smoosh. It'll look a lot better tomorrow. I rubbed moisturizer into all that superficial brown/dead skin and used an emery board to scrape it off so, now I'm just down to the main burn.
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