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  • Flash is no longer dead

    It is now possible to run AS3 in any browser with no plugin. Technically, this is not flash. It's just every single thing flash can do (plus) while keeping the actionscript language, compiler checks, libraries, whole nine yards. In a way, this is a haxe approach to actionscript. I see a whole lot of that going on.
    NextGen brings actionscript to the browser
    RedTamarin brings actionscript to the command line and does some crazy powerful server stuff, utilizes C libraries and a hell of a lot more.
    Haxe brings actionscript to another level and then brings it to every damn device in the universe and half the languages in the universe too.

    Ya know, it's probably good a bunch of stupid people "killed" flash by outnumbering the developers and then convincing other stupid people it's dead. Y'all (the stupid* people that did this) freaked out a bunch of super talented and dedicated programmers that refused to watch their language die and now "flash" is EVERY DAMN THING.

    We have most of your languages on transpile. We have ALL of your devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs. Your browsers. Your servers. You tried to take away our thing so we put it on EVERYTHING. Take away that. Thank you for turning my language into pretty much the most powerful and versatile one. It's so awesome, it's even your language no matter what your language is (pretty much). Give actionscript developers some more time, there will be an operating system. I've never met an as3 developer that can only do one thing, knows one language or thinks the future is based on living in the past.

    *your stupid cause a multi-million dollar corporation responsible for some of the best graphics software on earth lost faith in their own product and is no longer advancing their product that smokes your stupid fucking javascript html5 shit. Now we are stuck trying to figure out how to work with the garbage tech you chose. Genius!

    "We don't want increasingly faster tech that can run on anything. We want JIT compiled shit that only runs in a browser. Go us!"

    You may think this post is at odds with itself.."thank you and fuck you". The fact is, if flash wouldn't have been "killed" the only thing we might not have is as3 for the browser (wouldn't need it). Haxe and RedTamarin would still exist. You know what would also exist? AS4 and the most superior flash player to date. I read the specs for AS4 and Imma tell ya javascript has a long way to go. Ironically, the only logical step for javascript to ever be "full speed" would entail that the browser essentially become one big flash player. I mean that in a relative way.
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    WASM is right around the corner, you'll be able to use whatever language you want as long as it compiles to wasm.


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      I'l keep my eyes peeled for that. I love things that aren't stuck being one thing. I doubt I'll dump haxe for it but, I'll more-than-likely familiarize myself with it.