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    My brother makes me listen to this whenever he doesn't get what he want.He's 5 but somehow knows a lot of stuff!

    I have Audacity sound editor,but cant seem to do anything with it.What should I do?
    The link isn't where he goes;he's saved the song(actually my dad).
    Dude,lets party!
    Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!

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    Speaking of Audacity...

    Anybody use a decent DAW that would handle loop based recording that they would recommend? I have a copy of Acid Pro 7 currently, and before that I was using an old copy of Acid Music 2.0 I got in '98 or '99. Acid Pro 7 is WAAAY more complicated. I'd like to find something with a very similar UI, unlimited number of tracks, save to MP3/FLAC/WAV/etc, and less... "other stuff" that regular jerks like me will probably never use.