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    Stopping a human spammer from filling out a registration form and checking an email for an activation link will be near impossible to stop even on a region based blocking system. This would most certainly have to be handled by a human admin/mod, unfortunately.

    Automated bots on the other hand can be stopped/prevented/thwarted or at least slowed down by implementing a few tricks such as:

    The need to physically read scrambled line of text is usually enough to block a huge majority of spam bots, this is practically mandatory on registration websites these days.

    Email activation
    Requiring the user[or bot] to follow an activation link sent via email is another layer of security that can be added since most spam scripts don't account for email retrieving and parsing. This is also highly recommended for registration websites such as forums.

    Honey Pot forms
    This one I like to personally use added with the previous 2 options (captcha & email registration) to bring 99.9% of bot spam to a screeching halt. Essentially what this does is it adds an invisible field to the registration form that a normal person doesn't see and is not required to fill out to register. A bot on the other hand will see the form as a whole including the invisible field called "email address" (or whatever you'd like) which most spam bots have a function to sniff out field names that might be important to fill out to register (username,email,password,website URL etc...) and if this invisible field is filled out then it obviously means a bot is attempting to register, that or a VERY curious human. This triggers the "bot alert" which blocks registration and or can ban the IP address of the user effectively reducing the bandwidth they consume and won't allow them back in.

    StopForumSpam APIs
    (Stop Forum Spam)
    This is a collective database of known spambots that can be referenced using APIs to test if a visitor on this site is a spambot or not. While it's out of the scope of most people when it comes to APIs let alone most the stuff in this post, as a web admin/web developer you have to learn a few things. I'm not sure if vBulletin has an extension to make use of the API from Stop Forum Spam but I highly suggest if there is then it should be implemented to at least add another layer of invisible checks.

    I believe Solecord already has connected to CloudFlare which does help to some degree and has put in place counter-measures on bot spam.

    I also agree that people here should NOT be required to identify using any external sources as it would be wildly out of place on this scenario, though it is highly effective.

    This sort of makes me think of the whole "War on terrorist" where in order to have security you have to give up your rights, which is ass backwards to me.

    I believe educating people on how to deal with certain situations, giving them the tools to handle situations themselves and requiring every willing and able person to take a stand as an individual for the greater good of the website not the other way around and honestly so far if people don't like something they see or see spam in general they report it, I know, I'm one of the people who gets the "Reported post on" emails when things get reported.

    The community is pretty smart overall and together, yes we could probably take over the world! But that's not our goal.

    There is a system here and it's not broken so why go out of our way to fix it when the solution is to just use our brain and adjust things accordingly?

    I'd hate to lose anyone here over some extra third-party security credential checking measure that could have been handled if the situation was just thought upon.

    Forced Social login from social media sites can actually kill a community.

    Me personally I would like to see a function that allows new members to make posts but in order for their posts to get seen they need to be approved by moderators until they reach a specified number of positive posts, that's why we have mods. While this still isn't a sure-fire method we can't really stop a human spammer from registering and allow legit new members.

    I can spam right now if I wanted to, sure my spam posts would be removed and I'd get banned but it just goes to show, we will always have "that one guy at the party" slipping in every now and then.
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      That's a great post, Phenom!

      I seriously disagree with the giving up rights part, though. Requiring a Gmail/Facebook login doesn't result in the loss of any rights. I understand that fb and g can log that you visited here but, welcome to the 21st century where the fact that you own a phone or use a computer is tracking you whether you sign up with this stuff or not. EVERYTHING you do electronically is being stored somewhere. Do you have a bank account and EVER use your card to make purchases? Do you have a Windows or mac operating system? Does your job pay you in checks/direct deposit. Do you have an email account? I'm just "some guy" and I could track down possibly all of you. Unless you intend to completely drop out of society and live in a 3rd world country/way you gave up your "privacy" long ago.

      Let's think for one second. You are posting on a public forum but, don't want Facebook or Google to know about it....just everybody else? Lol, silly.
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        Well,Honey Pot sounds like a great idea.Maybe we should add a warning for human users who find it?
        Something like:
        "Thiz is 4 spambots only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U tuch it den u r banned 4 lif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololol!!!!!"
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          Gypsy,I dare you to track me and post my ip address,country and location.Send it through PM.

          Dude,lets party!
          Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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            Originally posted by Phenom View Post
            Forced Social login from social media sites can actually kill a community.
            Yep. That, among other things, is the reason why plenty of Youtube users have migrated to other places. Granted, I think Google bought up Youtube at some point and that's why they require a google login, but... it's still pissed off a few folks, myself included. I have a Google login, and I still use Youtube (mostly because I'm too lazy to go anywhere else), but it annoys the hell out of me that every time I use that Google login, they bug me wanting me to add my cell phone number to my info so that, in their words, "you won't lose access to your account." Pfft, that's B.S., they don't NEED my phone number, they WANT it so that they can sell it to people that will robocall, telemarket, and text spam me to death. No thanks. And I think they've posted warnings on that phone number page for years (and maybe still do) claiming that at some point you'll HAVE to put in your phone number in order to retain access to your account, but so far they haven't followed through on that threat. When or if they do... then I guess I just lose my accounts... because I'm NOT gonna give them anymore than they already have.

            Anyway, I don't know what the fuss is about. Looks to me like spam isn't a huge problem here. It's being taken care of. Is anyone gonna STOP coming here because of the very rare spam post they might come across? I doubt it. You gotta be a pretty tightly wound kinda guy to let it bug you THAT much. Life is good. Worry less.


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              You must not have an Android phone or if you do it's a throw away one. I was more or less required to have a Google account just to activate my phone. I personally don't give 2 shits if they know everything about me. I haven't had ANY problems with spam calls and actually find that using my phone the way Google intended makes it nicer. I fought tooth and nail with Google on my last phone and it was miserable. Funny thing about phones, if you feel like you are being harassed/stalked/whatever you can simply throw it in the river and voila, they got nothing. The ONLY thing I fake us my location but, it's never been a secret where I live in the first place. I just don't want to be tracked to the foot.


              It's like the incredible hulk... Bill Bixby doesn't bother hulking up for people's amusement...but piss him off...If you want to play "hide and seek" all you have to do is convince me that finding you and making you miserable is my new favorite way to spend my time.
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                Ok.I'll give you the mail I don't use anymore if you find out those details.Send through PM.Also in about 20 years you can visit me but I might be somewhere else and I might not be on this website and I might not even remember you if I hear your name.Your name is...cant say it here.Check your PM ok?
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                  Look, I was gonna go easy on you not to hurt your feelings
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                  Dude,lets party!
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                    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                      Originally posted by Dutch View Post
                      I think what we are witnessing is two internet variety silverback gorillas battling for dominance and mating rights. Fascinating stuff. If only Richard Attenborough were here to narrate it.


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                        [generally speaking]
                        Take your personal disputes, and rage wars to the PM, or better yet face to face then slap box.

                        Don't do this on the forums!
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                          I don't know if you made an Eminem reference there.

                          You ARE Richard Attenborough,right? Oh wait.You are the third gorilla
                          Dude,lets party!
                          Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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                            Delete, delete, and... duuuuuuuuuuh-lete.

                            See, I was gonna continue amusing myself, but then I realized you posted rap lyrics, and I said, "Eh, what's the point."
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                              [Back on topic]

                              What about a downvote system for forum members above, say, 100 posts?
                              We could then help moderate. after 10 downvotes a thread (or post) could either be removed, hidden from public or in similar way, put in quarantine for a moderator to decide its fate.

                              It doesn't have to be a downvote, it could be in the form of a "report" button, in the corner next to the Quote options.
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                                I don't know about this second gorilla stuff. I simply said I'm not wasting my time and resources to prove I could dox this dude, for his amusement. I also completely ignored his drug-induced response. There was never even a PM for me to Maybe he's talking to people that only he can see.

                                @ What about a downvote system for forum members above, say, 100 posts?

                                2500 posts.
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