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    Ok.No need to dox me(even though you might not be able to do that as I live in India).
    13 year old guy living in a small house with his parents and a super super curious brother can take drugs without getting caught.Don't know where I can get some xanbars(possible reference intended).I am like 6 months away from getting my own laptop.
    What PM?

    Maybe 1800 posts and 2 years 6 months of being a member.
    Dude,lets party!
    Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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      You're right, 13 years old and living with parents would be damn near impossible to dox, for me. I don't know if the India part matters. You just don't have enough in the system for me to find.... no mortgage, police records, credit card purchases (a bank account, for that matter), possibly no cell phone...etc.

      Using an IP to find someone is damn near useless. People that don't want to be found will often have some spoofed IP and people like me who use their phone as a hotspot generally have an IP that has little/nothing to do with their location. Google thinks I'm in Texas and I never did anything to make it think that except NOT turn location on. I'm sure Google could easily find out my state other ways but, every time I do a search related to a location it dumps me in Texas if I am not really specific.

      I flew over Texas on the way to California once and on the way back once. Other than that I've never been to Texas.

      Finding someone, virtually anyone, is not some great skill. All you need is some research and a few bucks. The more productive research you do the less bucks it costs. Some people can be found for free and those people are generally VERY easy to find cause they do nothing to maintain their own privacy. Like people that use the same profile name everywhere and live on Facebook/Twitter/etc. Those people fill out profiles in full and leave out nothing but their actual physical address. A real name and a state is all it takes to start narrowing them down in a "people finder" search and for like 12 bucks you can find out EVERYTHING about them. From there you can take that info to other more nefarious places and essentially copy their entire identity. It's actually quite simple it just costs a little money.
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