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  • Rampage
    It took me 2 seconds to delete it, I've banned the user. It happened 3 times in the past two months, but since the last attack, it hasn't happened in a few weeks; that's because Solecord turned on the anti-spam tool.

    There's 3 of us here who have been cleaning and banning.

    If the problem persists I think we can certainly explore what else can be done.

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  • MadGypsy
    started a topic Recent forum spam

    Recent forum spam

    Surely something better than relying on an admin to do "morning checks" and deletions needs to be done. We have a number of talented programmers here. Some of us even already program in the languages necessary to combat this nonsense. Surely, we can create a solid solution to this problem.

    I am dead serious when I say I offer my time, skills and knowledge to solving this for good. I cannot simply provide a solution. This will require teamwork from the top and some trust that no matter what people think of MadGypsy it is not in my heart or desires to do anything nefarious to this site.... quite the contrary.

    In other words, I can't just blindly invent a solution and I also can't do it alone.