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You Find Yourself In HIP1M1

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  • You Find Yourself In HIP1M1

    Well,this is a based om

    "...where am I?"
    You wake up in a base.You...don't know where you are.
    You do remember a few things.You are Aaron Stockton.
    A PVC who worked at the Science Department of the United States Military Corps.You were stationed at The Pumping Station for just 3 days before...what happened after that was unknown.
    You get up and check yourself.You have a few cuts on you.
    You get up and find a warhammer-ish thing at your feet.You pick it up.
    It has the words "MadGypsy" written on it.Makes no sense.

    INVENTORY(20g means 20 gauge)
    Dog Tags
    (2)Shotgun Shells(20g)
    (1)Armor Patch

    This has the same rules as the original one.Impulses,almost infinite inventory and other stuff.

    Aaron may or may not die.
    Impulse 9 is allowed after Pheonix and Ray come back to life which will never happen as Aaron has no quarter,is not in E2M3 and it is like 20 years since the two of them died in an old age home in India after Ray lost his leg and Pheonix his sarcasm which he never had during a mission gone wrong.

    Three new things:
    Armor Patch
    Works the same way as an armor shard.Gives 1 armor point.

    Spiked Aspirin
    Aaron can neglect all damage for a few hits and deal a high damage strike with a melee weapon.

    Increases max health by 15. Doesn't grow on trees though.

    Aaron can equip two weapons at the same time provided they are not too heavy(like Warhammer and a Plasma Pistol which his granddad left him.Aaron will get it later).

    There hasn't been much of a technological improvement in the USMC mainly due to lack of funds.But who knows,you might get some gold or jewels while exploring.

    The bases have changed a lot and Aaron will need a map of every place.(because for gameplay stuff and also I didn't finish Hipnotic) .

    Aaron stepped into the darkness and the door opened...
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    Dude,lets party!
    Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!

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    >look around, assess situation


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      > Make sure -hipnotic flag was set by checking HUD


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        >look around,assess situation

        It is almost the same place as you remember it.There is a slipgate,curved corner and door with 3 lock-things.You seem to be in no danger now,but it's best you get out of here.You were supposed to be on Phobos!

        >-hipnotic flag
        What HUD?
        Oh wait.*checks hud*
        You can now hold two more weapons and a wetsuit.

        (something of my own)
        >whack the hell outta that door.
        You walk towards the door to hit it open.(Un)surprisingly,it opens and your awesome flying attack ends with you falling down face first.You lose no health at all though.
        You have 94 health and 1 armor
        Dude,lets party!
        Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!